The Xbox 720 Needs a Better Name

Why are names so important? Certainly one's reputation defines a person, but in some cultures, their name and reputation is synonymous—that is, "living up to their name." Plus, without a name or title, many people would only have looks to go off of. But I'm not going to be talking about people today, I'm talking about naming video game consoles. In the past, there have been some regular names, some terrible names and some pretty good ones. Good names, along with good reputations of consoles, make those unknown consoles into brand names. Take Sony's Playstation, for example. An original name that defines an overarching experience for the players.

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NukaCola2714d ago

Well since the Xbox 720 is not a real thing, I am sure whatever successor comes after the 360 will suit it's name.

If we are pulling things out of our butts, I vote:

Kinexbox....j/k....I kid my mates

EasilyTheBest2714d ago

I think they will call it Xbox Four.
Rather than the number the word. It will prob be marketed as being able to do Four things.
Marketing bullcrap.

blumatt2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Actually I'm curious as well. Cause if they call it the Xbox 3 and then the PS4 comes out, that will make it look inferior. It will be interesting to see what MS calls it. And I know I've heard people saying that Sony might not call it "PS4" cause 4 is an unlucky number in Japan, but I would still bet my money on it that the next PlayStation will be called PS4. It just makes sense.

Sub4Dis2714d ago

I think nintendo proved that a name doesn't hurt sales. The only name dumber than the Wii is the Wii U and the wii sold a billion units.

gamingdroid2714d ago

The name Wii wasn't a very dumb name, it actually made sense for their target demographic.

Stupid names:

- Wii U (doesn't even make sense)
- PS Vita (although the name has a meaning, it sounds like a vitamin drink, not a luxurious bad @ss handheld)

Thecraft19892714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

when did 90-100 million become a billion ?

f7897902714d ago

Since the word "hyperbole" existed.

zero_gamer2714d ago

Fixbox, cause it breaks all the time.

I kid too. I like my Xbox360.

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gumgum992714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

pretty much this. it is inevitable since Wii U will repeast this generation probably.

SixZeroFour2714d ago

if MS did this, they would make it Xbox V cause ms dont like being one-up'ed lol

its the reason why xbox 360 wasnt xbox 2, cause ps3 was coming out and 3>2 so xbox v over wii u cause v>u

newleaf2714d ago

beat me to it. Fusion between kinect and xbox, otherwise known as omg, I can't believe they actually did that, die microsoft die.

news4geeks2714d ago

xbox 1080... for 1080p gaming... I dunno