Thinkcast 10th July 2011 - Uwe Boll + Transformers 4 = Masterpiece

SYDHiT writes-
It’s simple mathematics, really. Apart from that discussion, Aaron and Daniel chat about the billion trailers that may appear in front of Harry Potter this week as well as pondering on what Harmonix’s upcoming game may be about.

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Yi-Long2507d ago

... why is Uwe Boll still finding work in this business!?

Garethvk2507d ago

Very easy. His films make money. His films Stoic and Rampage actually got good reviews on IMDB and he needs to focus on his original dramas more. However, he does the video game movies to raise funds for the more serious work that he wants to do.
By the time cable, and DVD sales are factored in his movies turn a profit so investors are happy to work with him.

Peaceful_Jelly2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I just discovered that Uwe Boll made a Far Cry movie. 0_O

NanoSoldier2507d ago

Yes, with Til Schweiger. Uwe should get locked up for make such bad movies.

maniacmayhem2507d ago

It would be interesting to see Uwe Boll make a movie with a huge budget like Transformers.