Bungie execs discuss split from Microsoft

Develop reports: " Halo 3 is, as some eager critics claim, 'the game of the decade' then creator Bungie's subsequent sesparation from Microsoft must be one of the most curious development deals of the decade."

"Develop has spoken to key execs involved in the deal to find what both Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios think of the split - with special interviews to be published on both and in our next print issue throughout the week."

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lynx1halo4062d ago


Feihc Retsam4062d ago

No more money support from M$ either...

I know Bungie is rolling in dough, but game creation and marketing is EXPENSIVE if you want to push a game to AAA status and give it the kind of exposure Microsoft gained for the Halo franchise.

With the rights to everything Halo staying in the hands of Microsoft, Bungie has to rely on their own creativity to maintain its status as a premeire game maker.

I have a fear that Bungie may be a one trick pony...

They haven't proven to be graphical geniuses. Let's be honest, none of the HALO games were ever the best looking games out there. So they had to rely on the brilliant gameplay mechanics of HALO.

But, they can't just go creating HALO clones for the rest of time... What will they do now? I am hopeful, but a bit skeptical.

goodganja4062d ago

It's good to see the truth on the matter. Now with Bungie being a free independent developer, look for Sony to financially support them on getting Halo 3 or Halo 4 to PS3 to maximize costs.

Namco did it with Ace Combat and Eternal Sonata. Capcom is notorious for doing it. Bungie will do the same. If Halo is a 100 million dollar franchise on just XBOX, it will be a 1 BILLION dollar franchise on PS3 as well.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Feihc Retsam4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Bungie didn't take the rights to Halo with them when they left Microsoft.
If there will be a Halo 4, it's all Microsoft... Or they will be paying MS big time royalties to use the HALO name... And don't think that Microsoft will be letting a Halo title land on a competing console.

Supporting story here-

I thought this statement was pretty bullet-proof, but some genius with conflicting information has disagreed. I'd love to be enlightened as to why my above statement can be disagreed with. Do tell


BloodySinner4062d ago

... besides, Bungie may be "free" but they still have a publishing deal with Microsoft, so...

Silver3604062d ago

still owns 41% of Bungie

iNcRiMiNaTi4062d ago

and u still make these comments...jeez how dumb can u be?

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Sam Fisher4062d ago

bungie did their part (halo series) they can go b/c marathon was wack not to mention its their first game halo came out clean and their future games r gonna suk (im not saying this b/c ima a 360 fanboy, im not a fanboy to any console, i bow to no man except 4 sam fisher) and by the way we have a new halo (MASS EFFECT) so M$ has nothing to be afraid of FOR NOW

Dukester1014062d ago

Microsoft owns the rights to Halo and any other Halo-esque title. Sony will never be able to buy it from MS, no matter what they offer Bungie.

However, Bungie could create a similar title if they wanted to, and Sony could fund it. Sorry, but Halo isnt going anywhere unless Microsoft feels the need to sell the IP.

Again, like I said, if Sony wants to fund Bungie to create a Halo style game they can, and they might very well do so, but "Halo" and the "Master Chief" are staying exclusive to Microsoft.


I actually hope Bungie pushes out some bigger and better games. While I love the Halo series, they could make something so much more vast and superior...

goodganja4062d ago

That means nothing to me. Do you think in 1995 we would have saw Sonic on a Nintendo system in the future? No. Meaning Halo on the PS3 is very much possible.

Even if it doesnt happen, Sony will provide Bungie the tools needed to make a true spiritual sequel to Halo in the form of Marathon. Allowing them the freedom to develop the game which unlimited hardware resource thanks to Blu-Ray, Cell and RSX.

Marathon sequel will be what Halo 3 should have been. Not to mention Sony would rather prefer their devs to take their time and improve the quality of the game than to rush and bring it out by a certain dead line.

1080p True HD Visuals.
32 Player online experience
Improved Weapons system

Oh yeah!

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

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