Sparse Thief 4 details sneak out

SystemLink: "Thief 4 has been awfully silent for such a big-name game. After a gentle and small announcement, all we've seen of the title has been a logo. But, hey, it's spelt Thi4f, so you know the game's going to be awesome, right?! Supererogatory might be able to shed some light on that."

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Corrwin2507d ago

Where "scripted sequences with altered controls" read: "Quick Time Events".

Why can't they let the pasty be the past. It had too fantastic games before messing it up int the third. And since the Third also sold the most, my money's on the 4th being a lot more like it than the better games of 1 and 2.

yog-sothot2507d ago

I share your bad premonition, but I still have hopes : this game is being developed by a team close to the one who's making Deus Ex HR, and it seems they have nailed what made this series so legendary (according to many previews and most of the comment of people who have played the leaked alpha version)

RedSky2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I'm confused, based on the downvotes people enjoy being pulled out of the action and watching repetitive scripted sequences play out while they sit idly by?

I've all but seen scant gameplay runs of Deus Ex 3 and I can already seen them being recycled.

It's one thing to say these will be good/great games as there is obvious passion and thought being put into the story and setting, but it's another to suggest these sequences are anything but petty attempts to pander to the casual gamer crowd.

WittyAdrian2506d ago

Thief: Deadly Shadows was a great game IMO, I dont know why ppl keep shoving it off as a failure of sorts. If they're going to make Thi4f a lot like Deadly Shadows, then that just increases the MUST-BUY factor for me.

But hé, thats just me...

Pintheshadows2506d ago

Deadly Shadows is a fantastic game. Different from the first 2 but at heart it was still a Thief game. The Shadlebridge Cradle still haunts me.

Looking forward to 4.

Corrwin2506d ago

Thief: DS was a fantastic game.

It just wasn't a fantastic Thief game. The level people bang on about the most was the Cradle, but horror outside the tension of being caught, should be no where near a Thief game.

Just hoping we get a closer experience to Thief DP, and Thief MA. But I know sales drive development, so I don't have a lot of hope.

sonicsidewinder2506d ago

imo naming it The4f is daft as.

Thiaf. Wanna play some Thiaf?

RedSky2506d ago

Naming it The4f would be daft.

sonicsidewinder2506d ago

only just caught on. haha.

I apologize for misspelling a misspelled word.