Battlefield 3 player animations to be more realistic in multiplayer compared to singleplayer

According to DICE, the player/character animations using the ANT engine will be different in multiplayer from singleplayer -- the multiplayer animations will be more realistic.

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aviator1892685d ago

Hmm, usually it's the other way around for most games, but this is pretty interesting. I'm really pumped for this game anyways.

MidnytRain2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I think the website misunderstood this. This quote was submitted before, and we understood it as multiplayer animations being quicker and more immediate. They said there'd be no enter/exit vehicle animations in multiplayer because it would be too slow.

EDIT: Here it is on N4G:

A direct link:


Bereaver2684d ago

Ok.... uhhh... MidnytRain has got to be right on this because this really makes no sense at all.

If they could have it in multiplayer then there would be no reason not to have it in single player.

emmerin2684d ago

above is correct, multiplayer will have certain animations removed so that you will not have to wait for your character to jump into a vehicle and turn it on in a realistic fashion, which would cause you to be killed by snipers aiming towards the vehicles etc

Rearden2684d ago

This is more than just vehicle animations, it's how the player characters behave when they are shot etc.

AEtherbane2684d ago

Well in theory, people will spend more time playing MP, so it makes sense that they would make the animations look more polished.

Hanif-8762684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Who ever wrote this article lacks understanding and totally misunderstood everything that the tweet said. With that said! Its actually the other with around with the single player having the more realistic animation and the multiplayer having the quicker death animation etc.

Tigerfist2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Keep both the SP and MP at similiar levels. Too much of this and too little of that is what makes broken games.

Rearden2684d ago

Disagree, singleplayer and multiplayer are different. Multiplayer needs to be realistic, while too much realism in singleplayer makes it boring.

Tigerfist2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Why does too much realism in a SP make the game boring and why doesn't it work the same way for MP? That doesn't make any sense... I do want quality products on either gameplay modes, I don't want to see my experiences ridiculously plot holed or exagerated to the point of pure stupidity.

Let's put it this way... Why make a game have an inferior SP experience if they could and should be making a proper all arround product? It's too hard? It's time consuming? Consumers don't pay for excuses... Are we also talking about diffrent game engines here? Medal of Honor anyone?

It's not just MP that needs to be intense, a single player campaign beeing all the more cinematic should really get every bit of intensity it can get.

byeGollum2684d ago

thats odd, shouldnt it be the other way round

xVeZx2684d ago

thats doesnt make any sense...why dont they make both single player and multiplayer death animations realistic...

solar2684d ago

who plays a BF game for the SP?

red2tango2684d ago

You've played the game already?

BF2 didn't have a real SP, but BFBC2 was fine. I like the setting of this game so I will play the single player. Speak for yourself.

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