Mass Effect 3: N7 Collector's Edition receives discount

The N7 Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3 on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 has received a pretty good discount by one of the major retailers.

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femshep2507d ago

from the sound of whats in that it doesn't sound very collectible to me, not to mention the game was been watered down to the bones

MrSpace2507d ago

Is anyone surprized, it's not really a CE is it.

No Normandy figure, No Shepherd Statue...not even a Garrus Eye piece replica.

This is what Jarret Lee said on the Bioware forums about a better CE...

"Hi guys - this is not intended to rival any "uber edition"...nor is it priced as such! :) This is the Collectors Edition, along same lines as the ME2 CE and the ME1 CE.

Though I had been hopeful, the uber edition doesn't look like it will materialize I'm sad to report. There's no single reason I can give you, it came down to a large number of factors."

They could of done it but they didn't....even though it's the last ME game in this trilogy. Didn't even want to go out with a bang <sigh>

grifter0242507d ago

This is pathetic. Not on 1 reason but a large number of factors.

You have a franchise that has won GOTY twice and you cant even throw out a LE for the last in the trilogy!

Thats it even though I love ME as a franchise and thought 2 was a good game but went far away from the RPG elements after 3 for better or worse I am through with BioEA.

I also love on the offical forums how someone made a Limited Edition thread on what people wanted to see and actually had Bioware employees saying they were taking some ideas from the thread.

This truly makes me feel like Bio said "F the franchise and the fans whoever buys it buys it."

Heishiro__Mitsurugi2507d ago

Lol at the release date, the author says it will be released 12 March 22012. Lol! Isnt that after the games timeline of events?

femshep2507d ago

paradox maybe? the universe is gonna explode cause they will be able to change the events of what happens......whatever happens?

Vortex3D2507d ago

That will be the longest game in development for the future species of human whatever the human may become by then.

In between, Bioware can release several million more ME2 DLCs.

By the time ME3 comes out, it will be the future generations of Shepard's clones.

SovereignSnaKe2507d ago

i think they should include a Commander Shepard action figure like the Euro Collectors Edition of Deus Ex, those Play Arts Kai Action figures are excellent!!!

tigertron2507d ago

A default Shepard action figure? no thanks. Alot of us customise our Shepard, mine looks nothing at all like the boring default one, and its not how I envision Shepard to look like.

That said, a Normandy replica would be nice.

Still, I'm not dissapointed with the CE, it looks like a must have, and I have definatly pre-ordered this bad boy.

SovereignSnaKe2506d ago

Oh yes, i remember the Series DC released last year, Shepard looked like Brian Austin Green! A Nortmandy Replica would be Awesome, infact i would buy one Stand alone if it we're released,

but If Play Arts could make them look as good as the Metal Gear Solid Action figures or the Deus Ex Figures, it would really be a step in the right direction for Collectors Editions :)

Europe Gets this Edition of Deus Ex!! and I really want it!!

ninjablaze2507d ago

can't wait.

gonna get it on the XBOX 360, of course.

dragon822507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I am getting the Standard Edition for 360 and the Collector's Edition for PS3.

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