Review: PlayStation Move Ape Escape [GxC]

GxC Writes: "When the Ape Escape series first launched on the PSone back in 1999, it was an instant success. Not only did the game become one of the most beloved franchises on the PlayStation brand, but it was also very instrumental in showing the industry how DualShock controllers and their analog functions would change how games would be played.

12 years later, PlayStation Move Ape escape has dropped using another new and revolutionary controller. Would this installment do for the PS Move what the first game did for a DualShock controller? Also, how does this game stack up to its predecessors?"

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newn4gguy2662d ago

Fun game. Not much to it. Child of Eden...

...which costs more...

...and gives you less...

...and is racking in the 9's and 10's.


Knushwood Butt2662d ago

But Child of Eden comes to us via the same people that gave us Rez!!!

newn4gguy2662d ago

The Last Airbender was directed by the same guy as The Sixth Sense...

There are ALWAYS extenuating circumstances.

coolbeans2662d ago

Fear not, Child of Eden is coming to PS3 soon so you won't have to slant it for too long.

newn4gguy2662d ago

That has nothing to do with it. I own it on 360. It's not a bad game. I just don't understand critics.

coolbeans2662d ago

^Child of Eden is on a different level than Ape Escape when it comes to visual appeal. Seems like critics find Child of Eden to be more of an "experience" rather than a game, like some other notable titles-both downloadable and retail.

Knushwood Butt2662d ago

So, it's an on-rails shooter, but a pretty one!


SilentNegotiator2662d ago

"Fear not, Child of Eden is coming to PS3 soon so you won't have to slant it for too long"

And if the PS3 version's metascore isn't at least 5 points less, I'll eat a pair of boots. COE was overrated because it gave an ambiguous "experience" title for the Kinect that all of the sites could praise to high heaven and not bring any criticisms because it's an "experience"

Bigpappy2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Why is it that so many PS3 are cry babies? The reviers obviously are more impressed with 'Child of Eden' than Ape escape? They are two completely diffent games and experiences.

Child of Eden is only mentioned here because it was release on Kinect and received high scores, now some whiny PS3 cry baby, thinks Ape Escape should get the same score because it is a PS3 exclusive for his Move. I doesn't work like that!

@newn4gguy. May be the reviewer just think that 'Ape escape' SUCKS. But why do you even care so much. You get the demo, you like it, you buy it. What, you think the bad reviews will hurt sales of the game? May be it would. But you should let the publishers worry about that stuff. Just get the game if you like it so much.

You say you have a 360, like that is supposed to give you the right to attack COE because AE got a low score. I am sorry to have to tell you, but that makes no diffence to the stupidness of you comments.

I really hope COE PS3 eddition gets 2's and 3's out of 10, just to see how many of you kill yourselves over it. That will not happen though, as I am sure the developer will do a masterful job with the Move.

Knushwood Butt2661d ago

I called the PS3 version scores ages ago:


The PS Move is too accurate, and makes the game too easy, therefore spoiling the 'experience'.

Deduct several points.


Regardless, I have no plans to buy the game anyway.

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DreamTension2661d ago

Thinking of getting this for my daughter...we are getting tired of eyepet.