DiRT 3 Monte Carlo DLC impressions: it's a long way down

DGP: "It’s a shame, because the Monte Carlo DLC is undeniably great fun and offers genuine challenge that captures DiRT 3 at its most irresistibly pulsating and downright dangerous. This alone makes it an essential purchase, but the preposterous pricing is hard to ignore."

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Leathersoup2710d ago

It's sad how many "essential" parts of games aren't there when you buy them initially these days.

Knushwood Butt2710d ago

Is Gymkhana not essential? /s

Leathersoup2704d ago

Not in my opinion. I just think it's amusing that there's all this content that they for some reason aren't able to get into the game... and so... DLC YAY... : /

Knushwood Butt2703d ago

Totally agree with you, and if Gymkhana is so popular, why no gymkhana DLC?

Answer - because Codemasters know nobody would pay for it.

So instead of putting a decent amount of rally content in the game from the start, they instead try to rip fans off by putting filler like Gymkhana into the retail game, then charging for rally DLC.

As such, I'm not buying this game new. May get it second hand at some point.