Do New Features of FIFA 12 Warrant A Purchase ?

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Yi-Long2712d ago

... I want improved (longer) replays, less menus/screens, and an in-game player-editor.

Those have been the biggest issues for me with the game for a few years now, and I hope they finally fixed it.

I love the gameplay of the series, but not sure if I'll buy it day 1, or wait till it drops in price after a few months.

dangert122712d ago

Things I want for fifa

I want things to happen in games that are unfair but totally turn the game on it's head like in real life the ref making a bad choice in the game not fluent but happening in matches scoring from a close offside and it still counting and listening to commentators go on about the desicion this would make it more exciting for me

FIFA 99 had in door five a side they need to bring that back

the free kicks from fifa 06 where you aim the circle and then have to tap when the bar goes into the green and being able to see how much curl you have on the ball and exactley where your hitting it

foul the goal keeper

streakers with blured camera fuzzyness lol

broadcast camera that is like a broad casting camera

replays shown during gameplay even if they push the gameplay screen to a smaller sizer for a max of 5 secsonds

create a celebration combo

TheDareDevil2712d ago

- Get the Indoor Stadium back, EA!
- Diving
- Better Free Kick system(at least show us where are shooting)
- Better Camera (like the default camera for PES 11)
- Longer replays
- Less cutscenes during subs
- Scouts
- Better Menu UI

Urrakia342712d ago

Sports titles hardly ever drop in price so you might have to wait quite a while. The most they ever drop to is around $50. Hardly a deal. =/

mastiffchild2712d ago

In the UK you're ALWAYS best looking for a Fifa deal on release week. Usually the supermarkets have a price war on it and on COD worth looking into and last year, and def the year before, we picked up fifa for £25 and , IIRC, £27.34(mad Tesco prices!).

I also think Shopto and Play usually have week one AND preorder offers getting the price down to around £30 rather than £40.

The thing that I hate most about fifa(and most sport games-apart from their being yearly releases rather than just a DLC kit and bug pack at every new season)is feeling you're almost relearning a whole game again-I know they do it to justify the new game every year but it's getting silly how tiny the changes are and the amount of noise made about them-all they actually really achieve is ruin your own game for a month every damn year while you play around with what still works and what's changed. Tiny things can make a difference to personal play styles and I just think two years for a full release with roster and kit updates on the off year would be better all round and still be a monetised model for EA while allowing their team to REALLY update when the new game comes.

Having to waste a month per year is just getting me down when it's always for little, tiny things.