Nintendo’s Iwata Promises More Software for Wii U than the Wii… Is that really the problem?


Nintendo investors met today via conference call in regards to Nintendo’s plans going forward with two new systems, one which is currently on the market, the 3DS, and the eventual release of the Wii U. During the conference call an investor asked Mr. Iwata, President of Nintendo, how Nintendo planned to avoid the issues with software that the Nintendo Wii suffered from.

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just_looken2717d ago

"The Nintnedo Wii has far out done that of its competitors in terms of games to choose from since its release. Take, though a while back, the 4th quarter of 2007 when the Wii saw as many games released in this time period as the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 combine, according to Though many people view it as shovel-ware, this contradicts the claims made by Mr. Iwata during the conference call."

Shovel-ware? i thought it was wiibarge

"More importantly, the biggest piece of the pie that will bring the Nintendo Fans to the Wii U is most importantly that the games available on the system will be equal to that of its competitors, that they offer the same titles (yes, we are looking at you Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3), and that they offer the same experiences (i.e. graphical content, online game play, etc)."

Wait so your saying a 2012 machine can play games made for 2005 tech and this is a positive? oh o and still no mention of the lack of a proper disk format for multimedia. To all those that will reply digital downloads greater than disk you are all sheep when steam shutdowns and or upgrades(win8/9 only etc) or even if your $200 360 title collection of digital games go offline ill still have my disk games ready to play. Disk you Owen digital you rent.

Valk2717d ago

LOL Nintendo has a disc format that has 25 gigs of storage for Wii u.

That entire post was wasted because it was posted out of ignorance.

Steam shutting down? Little bit premature but i understand you needed to go big in order to make what you were claiming look like it had some merit.

People like you are the reason why Sony gamers are the laughing stock of gaming

Xof2717d ago

In the past few days, I've seen a handful of negative comments about the Wii and, to a lesser degree, the WiiU.

Some concerns were legitimate, others were not. Some were well articulated, others were not.

The one thing they all had in common was that someone else would reply that the person holding those opinions clearly had no ground to stand on, because he or she was a Sony fanboy.

Here's a hint, Valk: you're not helping things. In fact, you're making things worse.

Valk2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Hint: 99% of the time if someone is a moron who doesnt know anything about what they are saying, you can count on them being a PS gamer.

Not that the avatar pic of PS wasnt a dead give away but i'll let you continue on thinking you had some valid point, and then one day you'll catch on and see how right I was all along.

Getowned2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I think people are still stung/hurting from the wii because we got last gen graphics barely any hardcore games and anyone that had a n64 back in the day is still siting in a corner rocking back and forth in horror wondering why nintendo abandoned the hardcore gamer,now nintendo knows they need us the hardcore gamers but im still skeptical just like most of you but i seen a few people saying the wiiu is 4x more powerful then the ps3 and i don't know if it's true but I hope nintendo can win us back!! i hope they make some good exclusive deals and buy some new studios maybe.

I really like how the 3DS and Wiiu can interact with each outher hopefully more so then the DS and wii,come on nintendo!! make me want a Wiiu!( I must say i hate that name XD )

zero_gamer2717d ago

Remember, PS2 and PS1 had heaping piles of shovelware too. Nintendo Wii isn't the only guilty console of shovelware. If PS3 was the winning console it would see the same shovelware the Wii has. Shovelware caters to the crown console, they'd be wasting time otherwise.

OhMyGandhi2717d ago

to the crown console?
shovelware caters to the console that knows a gimmick will sell, espically when utilizing wii's motion controls. They know that a game with a younger audience is an easier sell on said console rather than trying the "techno savvy" crowd of ps3, or "fps crazy" fanbase of 360.

I will agree that there is shovelware, not only on ps1 and ps2, but EVERY console.
The Wii, however, seems hellbent on marketing those titles, unfortunately.

limewax2717d ago

Yeah cause Steam wouldn't give you a heads up that you should re-download and backup all your games if they were to shut down. MS and their games on demand I am not sure of though.

But yes the guy above is very correct, it will use a 25Gb capacity format

N4g_null2717d ago

Problem is Sony will be using the same gpu power the as the wiiu in their next systems. Best buy loves guys like you. You see bigger as better with out any knowledge of how slow blu ray is to even DVDs. Oh sure Netflix will go down one day but blu ray is the reason for over paid for xbox 360 graphics so the trick was on you.

Your propaganda fails you man go and read some thing that isn't a Sony fan site and you will see why people are laughing or better yet just not caring at all.

Oh yeah the year of the ps3, when was that 2012 now? The thing was built for graphic whores now they will get a better fix sorry about that.

matey2717d ago

No Darksiders 2 preview in ONM says different on early underclocked dev-kits they have the graphics at top spec PC level so the WiiU is more powerful than top spec pc so expect HD7000 series in this Console or it wouldnt be hitting top spec pc graphics on unfinished underpowered kits unless its a BEAST i read this in ONM

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jaredhart2717d ago

The Wii U needs to have the same games as the other systems of it's console generation.

That's one of the things that gave the wii a bad reputation among gamers.

zero_gamer2717d ago

Why is it still outselling the HD twins if it has such a bad reputation? It's the vocal minority gamers that bash the Wii, not the majority.

Ulf2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

"Why is it still outselling the HD twins if it has such a bad reputation?"

This reminds me, Wiis were on sale the other day at my local dept. store for $139.99. Also, my grandma wants one -- I'm serious. I told her Wii Fit costs extra though, and she lost interest pretty fast.

I think that may address your question, too.. although actually, I think the Wii doesn't actually manage to outsell the PS3 worldwide, despite the price drop.

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