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Child of Eden is a one-of-a-kind trance inducing experience.

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vertigosolitary2540d ago

Great game! Although when I first started playing, my family would laugh at me, just flailing my arms in the air aimlessly, lol.

VINNIEPAZ2539d ago

If ya arms are "flailing" you are playing it wrong

TBM2539d ago

here's what i find funny people were claiming this is the game that shows people how great kinect is but it has barely sold 60k in 3 weeks.

people have made this game sound like its the holy grail for kinect but NO one is supporting it.

newn4gguy2539d ago

I feel like this is a step back from games like Flower or Linger In Shadows.

I know people who actually paid full price for this game. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?

earbus2539d ago

I paid 79 bux for child of eden im happy with it still on level one trying to get 100 %, must not be very comfortable with yourself ,if you worry what people think when you play.Child of eden is the 3rd game i got this year ,dirt 3 ,homefront,so far COE is better than all .

ninjablaze2539d ago

great game really shows off the unlimited potential and unrivaled innovation of KINECT

Firstkn1ghT2539d ago

Played this game at my cousin's house. I have to say, it was a great experience with Kinect response time being perfect. This might be a reason for me to buy Kinect. I'm sitting here wanting to play the game again!

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