Tony Hawk's Proving Ground: Eurogamer Review

So why hasn't this made Proving Ground into the skateboarding game of the century? Let's explore. But with some rules. It remains a fine skateboarding sim, and there's a vast amount to do, in three huge city areas covering Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC.

What follows is why this falls short of the completely lovely Project 8, and not why it's a rubbish game that no one should buy. When expectations aren't met, or hopes are dashed, it's too easy to focus on the negatives, in a game that carries a hefty pocketful of positives.

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MK_Red4061d ago

WTF, 7/10!?? That's too much. The game is basically the same game Activision been releasing since launch of PS2 only with different story and a video editor. Production values? Still the bad voice over but that's not the problem. The problem is the uber last-gen graphics, Wii games look better than the PS3/360 version of Proving Ground. This is the worst looking 360 game is some time, some times worse than Vampire Rain! The game plays like last gen, looks last gen, sounds last gen and gets 7/10!!???