Manhunt 2 no longer Available on PC

After the game's removal from D2D service, PC gamers can no longer buy the Adults Only rated title on the PC platform.

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monkey6022632d ago

my shop still has a load of these on the wii that we couldnt ever sell

andron6662632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

One reason it being on the Wii, and another because it's the censored version...

Perkel2632d ago

"Manhunt 2 no longer Available on PC"

should be Manhunt 2 no longer Available on D2D....

manhunt 1&2 is widely accesible in almost every game shop in my country (poland) ofc this is no censored version.

Dan502632d ago

Manhunt 2 was not on steam only Manhunt 1.

banjadude2632d ago

Wow... I just checked the availability of the PC version on EBAY.CA and AMAZON.CA... they actually don't have any PC versions!

Well, that's what I get for not buying a copy awhile back, when I had the chance.