Dead Island System Requirements Revealed

Valve's Steam platform revealed both Minimum and Recommended System Requirements for the upcoming zombie survival game.

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zeal0us2713d ago

:( my old gaming laptop can run it. Maybe time for an upgrade.

TheBeast2713d ago

o.o? Can or can't, from what I am getting you said can but you need to upgrade it for it?

ATiElite2713d ago

very low system specs....I think my coffee maker can run Dead island.

Low system specs don't always equal a crappy console port but the recommended GPU being GeForce 9600 makes me Facepalm. Obviously Dead island has nothing to offer in the graphics department or A.I. department either so the game play better be stellar (which i doubt it is).

and please don't bring up Minecraft in your attempts to Troll because that's totally different.

deadpoole2713d ago

I dont know what you're thinkin but try to understand this.

Extremely High Optimized Game = Low System spec requirement + High Performance = Excellent Graphics. (Portal, Call Of Duty, Gears of War etc)

Extremely Poor Optimized Game = Very High System requirement + Still Poor Performance = Excellent Graphics (Crysis 2)

ViserysTargaryen2712d ago

LOL Crysis 2 is poorly optimized? Before the DX 11 and high res patches that game just blaze. If you can't run Crysis 2 DX 9 vanilla in ultra then your PC is dated.

AlienBlaster2712d ago

That's true i would rather have a better optimized game than a system hog since i don't have a beast of a PC. Games can look great even when they have low requirements. One example in addition to games you already mentioned is Dead Space 2, i have a 5 year old PC that wasn't top of the line back then but even then i could run the game on max details with good frame rate.

ATiElite2712d ago

I'm gonna stand by my statement in regards to Dead island. No disrespect to any bodies PC but i'm an enthusiast gamer and in my opinion the recommended card being a Nvidia 9600 is weak sauce.

even if the PC optimization fairy and Jesus both work for Techland there is only so much optimization you can do. therefore i feel the game is low end in graphics and will be a quick console port to PC.

meanwhile call of Juarez the cartel also made by techland recommends a Nvidia 260 GTX. Both Games are using The Chrome Engine 5

lets finish this Debate September 7th 2011 a day after Dead island comes out.

DeadlyFire2712d ago

Zombies having smart AI. They are undead you know. What can they think about?

ddkshah2713d ago

Here are some screen shots :

This game is looking to be great on the pc and with those specs it seems to me that people will have no problems with using extreme amounts of anti aliasing. Console versions will also look great since the chrome engine seems to be very optimized. I can't wait for this game. It will keep most people busy till the mega oct. - nov. releases :D

hiredhelp2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Pc will always look good anyways ddkshah,
Because if this is a low spec game mainly that means it was designed for consoles.
But these days games can still look awsom, buy the way your video card can output this game. For exapmple lighting physx shaders.
But theres one downfall to this for pc gamers userally means certan video cards may have issues need a fix. But not all the time.

But for me my new computer is built for the daddy of this year thats battlefield 3.

kornbeaner2713d ago

My PC will Murder this game. Hopefully I can find a good deal after launch since I don't plan on getting this day 1.

ViserysTargaryen2712d ago

Graphics are very dated with low res textures and low poly. Any gaming PC will tear this game apart, I'm calling triple digits fps on my machine.

Newtype2713d ago

Looks like it's trying to support a mass majority.

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