How to be a fanboy without being a troll

Trolls have been plaguing the internet gaming community for years now; rather the entire internet. Its time we did something about it and take steps to avoid this bothersome concept and its connoisseurs.

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firemassacre2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )


A troll will scrutinize any aspect of a game he does not like.Game/System.

A fan will be incredibly proud and display frequently that they love a certain thing without being a douche and downplaying the competition.

ps3 ftw

Series_IIa2713d ago

So you've just openly admitted you're a troll?

firemassacre2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

how? how did i admit i was a troll? you need to get your facts straight.

qwertyz, your way off topic, this has nothing to do with gears of war 3 and uncharted 3 comparisons.

KING_KAI2713d ago

i think theres a differance between a 'fan' and a 'fanboy'.

theres 4 differant levels you can be at. well 5 actually.

level 1= neutral
level 2= a fan of a game/console
level 3= fanboy (logic does not apply)
level 4= ignorant baby troll
level 5= NASIM (sums it up in one word)

im a level 2 user i think. :)

qwertyz2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

you downplay the competition wasn't it you that was sayings uncharted 3 destroys gears 3 in the graphics department ? you even went as far as to say that uncharted 3 makes gears 3 look like a ps2 game which is total B.S. there is not such thing as a non trolling fanboy I'm a pc fanboy myself and I usually insult you console gamers and your consoles. why ? because thats what pc fanboys are supposed to do, we are the elitists of gaming :). At least I can admit that I troll console articles but you can't even admit that you troll everything that has to do with 360 and now you're trying to make it seem like you don't downplay the competition. spare me

the part 3 isn't available in 720p THIS!


you're the one thats delusional EVEN gears 3 BETA looks better than gears 2 campaign in EVERY way. gears 2 textures look grainy, animations sucked, alpha effects low res and no dynamic lights whatsoever. gears 3 improves on everything. besides aren't you the ones that where insulting dice because you believe ps3 is capable of replicating battlefield 3 pc version graphics ? so much for calling me delusional you really don't realize that EVEN a 2006 pc> ps3+360 combined do you ? check out bulletstorm on pc(as crappy as it looks compared to other PROPER pc games) and see if it does destroy all console games in the graphics departments

zootang2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Really trying too hard. I would love Uncharted 3 and gears 3 on the PC btw.

SasanovaS19872713d ago

scratch all the crap articles are saying, and look at the video. then ul see the difference between gears 2 and 3 is minimal at best.

and ive seen u before saying gears 3 looks better then uncharted 3....kid ur delusional and noone takes u seriously

NoobJobz2713d ago

Such an appropriate article for N4G.

thugbob2713d ago




And many many others including myself really really need to read this lol.

NukaCola2713d ago

Remember that jerkwad?

You can be a fanboy and not a troll. Trolls hate just to hate. In Fact, most N4G trolls are just idiots who aren't gamers. Like a troll on any site really. Just saying things to get a rise out of the crowd.

Kran2713d ago

They are not gonna be happy with you if they see your comment ;P

mastiffchild2713d ago

Whatever happened to Bungie and his own brand of schizophrenic trolling where he flew between total PS3 hatred and the odd , about turn anti 360 dig?

BeOneWithTheGun2713d ago

Wasn't he that Green Ring of Life guy, too? Lol, I remember he would do a first post and then the comment zone would go all Red Dwarf in response. Lol, ahh, memories.

dangert122713d ago

I loved bungie/GreenRingOflife/SonySol diers
every single time i came on n4g i'd check the gaming news i was interested in then i would look at his previous comments and replies and lol at how his imfamous trolling made people erupt knowing thats all he every does =') good times

mantisimo2713d ago

I miss all of the old trolls like giant enemy crab et al.

Most were very entertaining.

Bungie was small chips compared to the old guys although he was naievely schizo and started out praising the ps3 before moving on to all out anti troll.

Baka-akaB2713d ago

There is no such thing as a non trolling fanboy ...

If you are biased toward or against something , but still actually argue reasonably , you are not a fanboy , just a fan , an enthusiast .

There is hardly such a thing as a fanboy to see in a positive light .

slate912713d ago

Exactly. Im a fan of Microsoft, but I own a PS3 also. If I had to sell one it would be the PS3, but Ill be the first to admit the faults of the Xbox360 as there are many of them.

If you call yourself a gamer, why limit your choices of games to be loyal to a company?

Baka-akaB2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

You can still make a choice and follow with a side because of unique games , especially if most are available on both .

I dont think its fair to say someone isnt gamer enough , as an example , if he refuses to get a ps3 or a 360 , or a wii or any other platforms . There are some people who genuinely refuse to pick any of those based on a real lack of interest in their exclusives games . it's a hobbies that does cost money besides , so not everyone will buy based on "what if" and one shiny game out of an insipid (in their opinion) line of games

Just like in the comics world it wouldnt be fair to question a fan for favoring MArvel or DC or DC over Marvel . The only way everyone would pick both , is if there were no difference at all , wich would be boring .

Now what sets them apart from being a troll/fanboy , is how they express themselves . Even for negative comment if they at least argue instead of just swearing , insulting games , publishers or outright lying to themselves and others , then it's their right and fine .

HardCover2713d ago

A fanboy can simply be a misguided fan, ignorant to the extent of their bias.

A troll is unconditionally willfully and intentionally choosing their words to attract attention.

People misconstrue the term troll too often nowadays. Everybody in the world is a troll if you generalize the term hard enough.

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