Pro Evolution Soccer - Nevermind eh?

TPV Writer Tom Writes: "A carefully reasoned and informed discussion. With myself. And who knows? This analysis might give FIFA some much needed credibility (not that I over estimate my writing powers at all), because let’s be honest, Sep Blatter is so crooked, he sleeps on a spiral staircase. So corrupted, Microsoft Word can’t open him. You get the picture, but don’t worry Mr Blatter. Here to help."

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curtis3942712d ago

Haha... Pes feels far more arcadey than Fifa, So I guess you are right there ;)

news4geeks2712d ago

"In reality, Lionel Messi is the perfect poster boy for Pro Evo. He personifies everything this game is. Flashy, annoying as hell, and overrated."

Well I already hated this article before I read this part but that was icing on the hate cake. Pretty much everything he said was unjustified.

Jonmau52712d ago

Offended so easily? Everything is justified with his reasons and guess what you get from an opinion article? A motherfunking opinion....

Louis_Guzman2712d ago

Wow, someones mad, lol. Btw, Fifa is a joke and so is this site.

Anderson82712d ago

lol in what way is messi overrated?... next you'll be telling me scott parker is the best player in the world

8bit_Nes_Rambo2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Brought to you by EA games. I take it PES somehow beat this kid up and stole his lunch money?

Jonmau52712d ago

Nope he just thinks PES Is poor compared to Fifa.... which it is.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2712d ago

Cool bro. I think Fifa is crap compared to PES. Opinions are funny like that.

kza2712d ago

PES is way better u fifa players are NOOBS!!