Microsoft May Hold the Future of Gaming in Their Hands

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: The future of gaming is a subject I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about. Over the years, we’ve seen technology shift and change the very foundation of the things that had become staples of our entertainment world. More recently, the power of consoles has inched much closer to that of less extreme gaming PCs, and we’ve seen mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones become capable of impressive feats.

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agentxk2269d ago

Well, I see the point that they control 2 of the major gaming facets. I have noticed that there are more Games For Windows coming out and all of them require the 360 controller if you want to use a gamepad.

blitz0x2269d ago

With it, at least I don't feel like im playing with unnatural controls. Its actually a really nice addition to games even if they aren't "games for windows"

agentxk2269d ago

I'll stick to the mouse and keyboard though, it they want me to use a gamepad for a better experience then I'll play it on PS3 or 360

creatchee2268d ago


Mouse and keyboard is superior (in terms of aiming) for shooters, but gamepads are WAY better for platformers, sports games, RPGs, and many other genres.

limewax2268d ago

RPGs? No way, Hot Keys are a major advantage in RPGs. I don't disagree with with sports and other genres though. Platforming I find is great on either since ASWD is essentially a dpad

captain-obvious2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

MS doesn't control gaming on windows !!!!
other services does, like steam

besides the official and widely supported PC controller is a 360 controller
but ppl forget that xbox controllers were actually inspired by PC controllers that MS make

so still
all credit goes to PC
which the only thing MS is providing at the moment to gamers on that side is DX support
and they kinda have to too
so yah

DualConsoleOwner2268d ago

They dont get licensing fee or control like they do with Xbox 360 or PS3.

MS dont see a dime off of games that are being sold for Windows. As for 360, it is turning into Wii.

caperjim2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Im a PC/console gamer and only use a 360 controller for PC games. This includes 1st person shooters. I see no difference playing against keyboard and mouse users. I grew up with a controller so thats what im good with.

Those interested in PC gaming can make an easy transition like i did. I switched to PC 2 months ago and i rarely turn on my consoles. Im addicted to Steam now. Excellent deals on games.

Bonobo123452268d ago

This article for me just highlights the pointlessness of owning a 360..

On PC you get practically all the same games at much higher quality, and they are cheaper.....

If you ask me, Its a bad move by Microsoft making their console more PC like, and more PC compatible. Because the closer it gets, the more people will realise that they might as well get a PC.

A console is supposed to differentiate and while offering the best of gaming, they must also offer experiences only available on their platform, otherwise what is the point of owning it?

zinkabassy2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

@Bonobo12345 and DualConsoleOwner

Brains are not allowed on N4G ,...
MS and gaming,.. that is an oxymoron,.. They have barely any developers left,.. If we relied on them to develop games ,..we would not game much,..

To say it not politely at all ,.. they are the cancer of the gaming industry in my honest opinion,..and I am not talking just about kinect crap,..or 360 rrod fiasco,..or paying to play online,.. they are just bad for gaming in general,..

HINDERIZATION2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

i prefer a control for RPGs, not MMORPGs. What I'm really getting at though is that i preferred when games like Final Fantasy were turn based. I do have an MMO downloaded and i like the hotkey functions for easy in-game action, but i just really want another turn based like Final Fantasy X to come into the picture...

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Xristo2268d ago

Games For Windows does not "require" a 360 controller....i played Batman: Arkham Asylum with my PS3 controller using the free program "MotionJoy" to emulate. It was just like playing it on the PS3 including vibration.

bozebo2268d ago

For a game to get GFWL status it needs to support controllers, though CoD World at War didn't... It says that somewhere on the msdn. GFWL represents MS in the PC gaming side of things; but they could be doing a much better job...

The annoying thing about many games is that their input is tuned for controllers, so it feels strange with a mouse compared to the PC games most people are used to - that is my problem with console ports.

the_best_player2268d ago

I use my PS3 Controller to play GTA San Andreas on PC.

subtenko2268d ago

M$ will drop it like the most expensive china dishes in Asia and be an utter disgrace to everyone to be shunned for their actions! :I

TheMrMadzen2267d ago

Sometimes, you drop what's in your hands and afterwards refuses to say, that it's broken. Who the hell would wanna use that hideous thing instead of a mouse!!!

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firemassacre2269d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

pc gaming perhaps, but they have huge competition(in pc gaming) and thats steam.

blitz0x2268d ago

It seems that in some cases they utilize steam. My copies of dungeon siege, fable 3, and Resident Evil 5 are all via Steam.

While DS3 is no "Games for windows", it only works gamepad-wise with a 360 controller.

ThanatosDMC2268d ago

No, I can use my DS3 or DS2.

mastiffchild2268d ago

Indeed, for all SP games on PC I use a DS wherever possible and if the only controller I could use was the 360 one I'd play the game elsewhere as I simply find it all wrong-dunno if it's a bit too right handed for me or what but I have the same issues with all disaligned stick controllers so I'm guessing that's the problem.

I CAN use the 360 pad but will only do so on 360-for obvious reasons-my mate, though, is currebtly making me a 360 pad in a DS case so that'll be cool and avoid the supposed input lag you get with those converters(not saying they DO have lag-it's just what I've been told and shelling out only to risk it being true is a bit much).

Ju2268d ago

I have a 360 knock off controller for the PC - but MotionJoy with a DS3 (incl. Bluetooth) works just much better for me (incl. swapping R1/R2 & L1/L2). So I use that when ever I can. Maybe that knock of is crap (just not very precise) or the DS3 is so much better - or I am just so much more used to the DS3. BTW: Anyone has a configuration for BC2? I just have no patience to configure that game for a controller.

qwertyz2268d ago

directx11 is the worlds most advanced api and its owned by Microsoft(it outclasses opengl 4.1). all pc games use directx and ALL games ps3/wii or 360 are first developed on pc so they already hold the future of gaming DEVELOPMENT in their hands, future of gaming itself not really there is still sony and nintendo to contend with as console gamers make up majority of the gaming community to top it off the xbox brand is fairly new compared to the playstation and Nintendo brand

VampiricDragon2268d ago

as long as consumer spending keeps going in the toilet, and costs keep going up than yeah they will

theres a reason why books have been around for thousands of years.

stable costs, constant spending

Ju2268d ago

Hm...Kindle. Usually 50% of hard copy. We'll see how the second thousand of years are going...

2268d ago
jessupj2268d ago

It that more developers that are catering to casuals

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