Elite sold out in Japan?

The 360 is undergoing something of a resurgence in Japan, according to sources in the Japanese retail sector, with the 360 Elite selling out.

Last week, Microsoft reduced the price of the Core console in Japan to 27,800 Yen (around £120) while introducing a new Value Pack console consisting of a Premium machine, Forza Motorsport 2 and Viva Pinata for 34,00 Yen (£150-ish) in the territory.

This also coincided with the release of Namco's Ace Combat 6, along with the addition of popular Japanese orientated titles such as Blue Dragon and The Idolmaster to the console's Platinum budget range.

And so far, the signs are that this may have worked. According to, retail chain Asobit has seen a significant rise in demand for the 360 and its related products. According to the report, Ace Combat 6 is selling particularly well, while the Elite model of the 360 actually sold out.

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Shadow Flare4030d ago

I'd expect this month to be quite a spike on the Japanese hardware sales chart for the 360, with 3 Elites being sold. And by the end of the month, only 2 of those will still be working. Congratulations Microsoft, that's 2 happy americans that are living in Japan

Bonsai12144030d ago

haha.. funny comment. but in all seriousness, i'm guessing that microsoft hasn't thought to restock 360 supplies in japan, so they simply could have run out of shipment.

but if they did sell out, what could have done it for them?

shmee4030d ago

x360is the least selling console in Japan.

PS3 outsells x360 6:1 there. even ps2 outsells x360 4:1 last week in Japan and Europe

sales charts for last week

Hardware - This Week | Last Week | YTD | LTD
1. NDS - 76,273 | 70,608 | 5,803,618 | 19,809,297
2. PSP - 59,792 | 58,669 | 2,126,260 | 6,658,389
3. WII - 27,502 | 24,932 | 2,788,267 | 3,707,910
4. PS3 - 18,785 | 17,130 | 771,210 | 1,228,768
5. PS2 - 11,698 | 10,281 | 639,521 | 20,794,380
6. 360 - 3,718 | 3,011 | 165,226 | 429,928
7. GBA - 105 | 270 | 48,661 | 15,346,740
8. NGC - 58 | 48 | 10,079 | 4,179,547

x360 is a dead DO DO in Japan and we have an article like this ??????????????????????

sjappie4030d ago

What's your problem? The article said nothing about ps3 sales and there is no indication that the elite didn't sell out. What are you so afraid of?

aba4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Seeing as your always trolling xbox news. Get a life, or better yet, some games.

Poisen4030d ago

How many Sony Druids patrol the Xbox section?? Anybody who said something good about the 360 gets a mass wave of "Disagrees"...

BrianC62344030d ago

Finally they got smart. If you don't have a lot of stock your sales look better. If we only ship a few it won't take much to run out of stock. Then we can say it was a success. Great idea. Now they just need to remember, only ship at most 50 Elites to Japan a month. That will keep the hype going.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4030d ago

It's not that hard to spot the similarities between them. Next thing you know he will call me an x-bot.

Quickstrike4029d ago

yes he will call you an xbot but 1st i will do this...STFU xbot

Wii60PS3DSPSP4029d ago

Oh Quickstrike your just as pathetic as him...

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Poisen4030d ago

Your wrong. And flaming. The elite is a great console...who wouldn't want to buy it. It has less hardware failure btw. Bomboclad!

sonarus4030d ago

lol i always laugh when they say xbox 360's get sold out and in the end they sell like 5000 xbox's.

Ghoul4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Im actually reporting that comment cause bombaclad is an insult expression in jamaicad, and that is a rather harsh insult mate.

Marty83704030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Elite has the same hardware failure rate as any 360. Which is not great. :)

andy0014030d ago

You can't deny it, all the stock of 700 360 elite consoles where sold, it shows an increase of 700 units sold in Japan. Well done.

Of course the PS3 sold 1600 more and the Wii sold 2500 more. The Wii has hit the spot with the Japanese this generation, there seems to be nothing Microsoft or Sony can do about that right now.

PimpHandHappy4030d ago

it should have less failures. Its been out 2 years and the Elite cost 450bucks

Im getting a Elite for Mass Effect in the new year afer hopefully a price drop. Anyone that got a 360 on launch or has bought the core is not or does not have a nextgen machine. If you dont have a HDMI hook up your machine is outdated.

I want a Elite that is made in 08 so i know it has all the new chips and stuff. I also want it for under 400bucks. 329 would be perfect

When the PS3 luanched it outdated more then half of all 360 sold

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