Last Day Of The Steam Summer Camp Sale

Its finally here, the last day of the Summer Camp sale. Check out the list below of the games on sale, Also today is the last chance to obtain tickets for the wishlist contest.

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sonicsidewinder2419d ago

And i missed out on it all :'(!

Dumbass me lost my bank card then cancelled it before buying anything.

Woe is me.

CoD5112419d ago

Pretty much just a repeat of previous items sadly :( Good for people that missed earlier sales though.

a08andan2419d ago

The last day was the top 10 most sold games during the previous sales-days I believe :)

limewax2419d ago

Steam sale ended and hour ago anyway so this is a bit late

a08andan2419d ago


hence the "was" :)

femshep2419d ago

im pissed that terreria and amnesia were on sale when i bought them like a week before the sale, they should give a refund for the difference

BlackKnight2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Valve support is really know for being cool guys about that kind of thing. You might as well try to go through support for the difference to be put in your steam wallet. Just be nice about it and you might get it.

Can't hurt to try.

caboose322419d ago

Well come on, it's known that you dont buy a game until you see it on the frontpage, and if it never gets there you buy it on the very last day.

Remember this next time, it will save you even more money.

femshep2419d ago

meh, honestly no money lost love boths games to death

but i saw one on there today that when i clicked it it wasn't there anymore and full price... weird and i was sad

SKUD2419d ago

Picked up LOTS of good games for little $$$. Success.

lochdoun2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Torchlight for $3 was an insane deal! :D
Also got Trine for $2!