Steam Summer Camp Sale: Final Day

It is a sad day. We have come to the end of the Steam summer sale, but that doesn't mean there are no more deals; we still have one more day of cheap games. This time, it's all the best selling deals from the past ten days, so let's see if you missed anything. Click on to see them.

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maxcavsm2329d ago

Well, guess it had to end some day; Steam still rocks.

a_squirrel2329d ago

I had BC2 for ps3. I loved the pc version even more, and was waiting for a deal like this! (It's totally bought)

2329d ago
InstantKarma2329d ago

Delighted I got a chance to pick Up Dawn of War: Retribution again..

limewax2329d ago

Witcher 2 and Amnesia:Dark Descent here, 2 deals I missed during the week, have to love the final days deal recap

Ducky2329d ago

Delighted I got a chance to pick up DoW:Retribution for only $7.50.

Darkfocus2329d ago

what how? it's twice that for me :(

limewax2329d ago

Sometimes the recap deal doesn't give you the full daily deal price you may have missed and instead offers you the discount that usually follows for a day or two after the daily offer. Same happened to me with Amnesia

Ducky2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )


It's because sometimes valve doesn't check the discounts offered for each game, and often times the prices contain mistakes (which get corrected within the first 5~10 minutes)
For example, on saturday, Terraria was for $2.50, but then was corrected to $5.00 later on.

In today's case, DoW2 Retribution was initially for 75% (so I grabbed it) and then was corrected back to 50% off.

HydroCopper2329d ago

So many great deals the past 11 days. I love being a PC gamer. STEAM ROCKS!

Spazz2329d ago

I was so happy to get Duke Nukem Forever when it was on sale yesterday. Half price new games are always worth it. Thanks Steam!

outwar60102329d ago

i bought fallout goty yesterday and it keeps crashing(dies inside)

limewax2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Yeah its not a major issue, its something to do with quad core processors, you have to ask it to run off of 2


That will fix it for you, It took me ages to get out of the Vault, I bought it too, had insta-freeze issues and gave up all hope, a bit of searching a couple weeks back found me this fix and it works great. You still get your usual fallout freezes but trust me this will decrease it a lot

outwar60102329d ago

thx for the help im trying it out now

outwar60102329d ago

you are a king!! it worked:) is there anyway to give my character max stats ?(i put in over 300 hours n the ps3 version)

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The story is too old to be commented.