New Video Formats Make Slow Progress On Czech Front

Rival high definition formats are battling internationally to be the next generation to follow the current DVD format, and the conflict is poised to enter the Czech market as well. Few Czechs even seem to be aware of the issue, many analysts say. But the early advantage seems to be going to the Blu-ray format over its rival, HD DVD.

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ReBurn4057d ago

The 21st century as a whole is making slow progress on the Czech front.

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kss4057d ago

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sfinXters4057d ago

I'm not quite from Czechland, but it's not actually that bad in Eastern Europe. The biggest issue is not the unwillingness of people to buy next-gen stuff, but the unwillingness of companies, to sell it here. PS3, for example of officially not-for-sale in the Baltics.

pornflakes4057d ago

Great news omg.
They earn 500 euro/ month there and a Movie costs 30 euro.

va_bank4057d ago see the sales figures from Democratic Republic of Congo.

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va_bank4057d ago

They're too busy with one big multiplayer FPS going on there right now....