Do Bioshock Infinite’s Protagonists Talk Too Much?

Geek Revolt writes "The first Bioshock had a silent protagonist, but Bioshock Infinite trades him in for two that won’t stop talking. At least that’s the case in the latest gameplay demo. They joke, tell each other what to do, and seem somewhat attached to each other. Will gamers become annoyed from all the talking, or will it make the game better?"

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NukaCola2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

What a terrible topic and way to get people to read your article. As if they are looking for something to complain about. The first Bioshock was about being alone and scared for the entire game. This one gives you a princess, if I may, to watch over. I am sure there will be many segments of being alone and in fear, but the interaction between Booker and Elizabeth is not only immersive, but it's witty and charming. And even though the characters are talking to each other, I am pretty sure you will still fall in love with the characters. When Elizabeth put on the Abe Lincoln mask and said " Four Score and 7 years", then giggles, I thought that was cute and adorable. So I think it's just brilliant writing at it's best.

TheLastGuardian20102711d ago

Agreed. This story is about building a connection with Elizabeth. You can't do that with a silent protagonist.

Ducky2711d ago

Why not? HalfLife2 does it.... =/

Though I kinda like the talking protagonist. It feels more... don't know what word to use... human?

Winter47th2711d ago

wow we're complaining about protagonists talking too much now what's next "Does Uncharted 2 have too much story?" "Does Gears of War 3 have too much male characters?"

MrSpace2711d ago


Half life has always done that since 1998 when it was first released. It's 2011 devs should be coming up with great dialouge for their main characters, instead of just being lazy and giving us all that "We want you to feel like the main character" crap....I'm sorry but I wouldn't be able to see that connection with Elizabeth if the guy in this dosen't talk.

Harelgur2711d ago

hey i know you from Irrationalgames forum :D

YogiBear2711d ago

@ Winter47th

One look at this site reveals how people can complain about the most stupid things.
I wish people argued and complained as much about budget deficits as they do "PSN Pass" or "Protagonists talking too much."

Human Analog2711d ago

@FatOldMan: Half-Life2 has half of the equation. Everyone talks to you, but you don't respond. I always fond that kind of strange. It's like your character has Autism or something. People talk to you, and you just stand there and blink. I LOVED Half-Life and part 2 as well. Taking it to another direction is always welcome.

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jwatt2711d ago

To me the dialogue made the game seem more believable than a lot of other games out there.

dgonza402710d ago

yeah. plus, it sets up a lot of opportunities for awesome one-liners.

"nothing ventured, nothing gained" *jumps onto skyline*

that's just awesome.

TruthSeeker2711d ago

Agreed. I swear people complain about everything!

theonlylolking2711d ago

The first two bioshocks are boring and bad. Bioshock infinite is awesome.

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KyRo2711d ago

This is as bad as the moaning that was being done when they showed the new Tomb Raider footage at E3. It makes it much better when people are speaking to each other or gasps for air of they are hurt. Imagine Uncharted without the banter that happens whilst playing...

Kakihara2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I usually prefer a silent protagonist, I think it's a large part of what immersed me in the world of Half life and Portal so much but with this game the talking characters just seem to work, it makes the thing feel very movie like and makes every moment feel unique rather than just feeling like another map with a few enemies pasted around.

It wouldn't work for most games since most games are about dumb jocks or cheeseball emo boys ripped straight out of Twilight but considering the creative genius and originality in this game I'd say it totally works. I could sit and watch the demo videos for this game like they were a movie.

MrSpace2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I like the main guy talking, it adds that sense of realism into the Bioshock world. You always have that thing now where devs would say "Having a non speaking Main character means you can become the hero" blah blah blah...I'm sorry but this isn't like the old days now, the only reason, for example, Gordon Freeman dosen't talk is because we grew up with that when HL was first released in 1998, with Gordon not talking. It's differen't with Chell in Portal since it's a recent game they should give her some character development and let her talk but Valve still think that "you can feel like the main character" if they don't let her speak when they could create a strong female character with funny dialouge between her and GLaDOS.

Point is a little dialouge in a game like this would come off nicely.

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