Wii U: How it will change gaming as you know it

CVG - You might remember how the Wii name began to make perfect sense once you started hearing it. It was clear how much fun 'we' had together. But in thinking about a new Nintendo system, we knew the prevailing thought would be this: yes, the game is right for us, but could it also be a perfect fit for... you.

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TruthbeTold2662d ago

I wouldn't say that the Wii name has ever 'made sense' to me. It's clear though that I and pretty much everyone else got used to it and accepted it.

Nice article. So many possibilities amidst the chaos of the 'non-reveal'. I can't wait for more specifics, and more game announcements.

TurismoGTR2662d ago

I really wouldn't say technology has changed a lot since 06. The Wii U is pretty much just an upgrade package of the Wii.

matey2662d ago

Try telling that to Darksiders2 devs who in ONM preview say in just 2 weeks on underclocked kits say Graphics will match top spec PC iteration at 1080p the wiiu is very much next gen

-Mezzo-2662d ago

Dear God, i have read this exact same Article for, each and every Console ever released. Cheez enough with these Articles.

It will be Amazing, just like PS3, 360, Wii, 3DS, PSP, PSVita, PS2, PC, PS1, DS. I'll be Pre-Ordering it only if the Price is right & there are good games to go along with it.

TruthbeTold2662d ago

But... You submitted this article...

charmer2662d ago

the wii can be a really fun and exciting system depending on how nintendo play their definetly caters to alot of different gaming needs