Vita Development Costs Closer to PSP than PS3

When you consider that most games shown for the Vita so far appear to be on par with Playstation 3 in quality, you would assume that the development costs would be in the same league. According to Sony Worldwide Studio's Shuhei Yoshida this isn't actually the case. Read on to find out why costs for developing PS3 quality games on Vita is actually more in the range of a PSP game.

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NewMonday2717d ago

another thing is that a developer can port a PS3 game to the PSV in a matter of weeks, with little to no extra cost.

Nitrowolf22717d ago

PS Vita is shaping up to be one hell of a handheld, especially for developers from recent statements. Looks like they really did learn from the PS3, not only at price point but also at developing fro the system itself.

NukaCola2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Has the 3 things that are crucial

Great Games (and has Trophies) at Launch
Social Networking Features
Perfect Price

It'll end up having Youtube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, LOVEFiLM and all the great services such as. I think there will be a limitless experience with Vita. It is Life and life abundantly.

I am really excited to see cross gameplay. COD on Vita vs. PS3 or maybe we will see Resistance, Uncharted, LBP, Killzone MP interaction with Vita. The possibilities are endless. This is not a PSP2. There were 4 versions of the PSP. This is new and I am excited to see a next gen portable system. Going to blow the market up.

Close_Second2716d ago


Do you work for Sony as your comment could be pasted into some of their sales and marketing docs.

I'm not sold on Vita yet. I want to know about its web browser, video playback support and when it will come with built in storage.

egidem2717d ago

This is also an awesome decision that was made by Sony. The fact that the production cost of first iterations of PSVs is actually cheaper than they anticipated means that in the future, they can find ways to shrink down the PSV which could bring lots of options on the table, such as a future lower price drop. That's just my opinion, but good job from Sony!

TheDivine2716d ago

Idk i doubt they can port some 40gb games in hd to a 2gb sub hd handheld. Maybe the smaller multiplats if they make the engine scalable, but you cant throw ps3 games on this thing lol, it doesnt work like that. Its not a mini ps3. Hopefully psn games will work on it but most would still need to be retooled to run on this so wel prob have to rebuy older ones, new ones will get cross play and support i hope. Cant wait, golden abyss looks awesome.

firemassacre2717d ago

i smell a MASSIVE success here.

shadowknight2032717d ago

yeah me too. One thing A SUCCESSFULL system always needs is games, and Vita is definitely very promising at that.

Knushwood Butt2716d ago

The 3DS is going to take massive damage.

MasterCornholio2716d ago

But first they have to flip it over and attack its weak spot.

Mario4life2717d ago

sounds good for developers and gamers a like

Limit7602717d ago

Nobody but the japanese want an hd handheld. Battery life is going to be atrocious and who wants to have their handheld plugged in all the time?

firemassacre2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

people on

the bus stop/bus
lunch break
friends house
court house
ect ect ect

Shikoro2716d ago

I loled at the church and the court house. XD

PirateThom2717d ago

Speculation and assumption.

Nitrowolf22717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I do
And I'm Not Japanese
And apparently People who buy Iphones and such do to. HD isn't the selling point of PS Vita anyway.

Baka-akaB2717d ago

even if they arent consoles , every popular tablets , iphones and smartphone makes your statement looks silly and outdated .

egidem2717d ago

Do I smell a Ninty fanboy or just a troll on the streets?

Nobody but the Japanese? I'm getting the PSV Vita because of its awesome features and best of all games on the go. I've already preordered it.

And No, I'm not Japanese.

shadowknight2032717d ago

Honestly @egidem it could just be his opinion, and an opinion that most of us disagree on. It doesn't necessarily make him a troll, or even, should be presumably accused of being one.

Why o why2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Ok, theres trolls and people who make troll like comments every now and again, myself inluded. Making blanket statements like that is more common in trolls or wide up merchants than anyone else. His next comment about the psp failing sounds like a wind up but some will now think he a troll. Its how it goes.

The more i hear about the vita the more i like it. Im not overly hyped for it but im sure ill fold if the release lineup is to my liking

DJMarty2717d ago

@Limit760 - battery life will be fine. Why do u think Sony opted for OLED HD screen, reason it uses less power. Likewise the Quad CPU and Quad GPU will be under clocked to make battery power reasonable. Whilst still been a powerful beast.

RevXM2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Is it considered HD when it is lower than 720p?
That is impressive for a 5" screen. And as far as I know just a very few, if any handhelds at all can beat that.

zinkabassy2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I personally think reso in this screen is fucking insane,.. That is pretty crazy reso on such a small screen,.. And it is OLED,.. It is going to look insane,.. cannot wait to have it ,..

Just_The_Truth2716d ago

the 3ds doesn't have a great battery life but you don't have to have it plugged in all the time also there are battery extenders so i'd refrain from forming hypothetical situation in your head and presenting them as if they were true. PS people said there was no way it'd cost under $350, so they may surprise again.

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Greek God2717d ago

Disagea 4 for vita and i will shed a manly tear

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