Top 10 Worst Celebrity Based Video Games

From the feature article:

"Who do celebrities think they are? One minute they are mastering one form of entertainment and then they make the leap to another medium completely different. When a celebrity is on their high horse making more money than the Republic of the Congo, video game publishers are quick to cash in on a celebrity’s fame. What better way do that than to feature them in a video game title and plaster their name on every inch of the game. Not surprisingly, almost all these titles ultimately fail upon release in terms of critical feedback and occasionally sales. Of course, people are indeed dumb enough to purchase them so the game companies end up winning in the end. On that note, here is my list of the top 10 worst celebrity based video game titles that will make you cringe in horror."

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UltimaEnder2662d ago

Hoping for a remake of Revolution X!

LaurenKB1232662d ago

What you got against Britney?

potedude2662d ago

What is wrong with 50cent - Bulletproof? That was a pretty sweet game...

firemassacre2662d ago

charlies angels was really bad


moonwalker was cool, at the time.

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