BioShock's Infinite Potential

TSA looks at why BioShock: Infinite could be one of the best upcoming games, from the intriguing story to the sky-high setting of Columbia.

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Foxhound9222690d ago

This games looks beyond amazing. I watched the 15 minute gameplay trailer and my jaw hit the floor more times than I could count.

Perjoss2690d ago

agreed! I am not easily impressed these days but that 15 min demo was truly amazing. I loved the way the lady character and your own character interacted with nice conversation bits during gameplay. And that section on the sky rails was just nuts.

NukaCola2690d ago

Skylining in 3D is going to be crazy insane.

Pintheshadows2690d ago

I've watched it about ten times. It gives me goosebumps. I can't explain how taken aback I am. The older gameplay footage is astonishing as well.