Rumour Debunked: Frostbite 2.0 is running Battlefield 3 on all platforms

SystemLink: "Yesterday, a pretty spurious rumour ripped through the internet, leaving a path or destruction in its wake - or rather, it didn't, because this Gameolosophy post claimed Frostbite 2.0, the much vaunted new engine from DICE, would not be present in consoles."

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omi25p2717d ago

So hitman made it up. Again

deadpoole2717d ago

any idea when the hell bf3 demo is coming for ps3.

Ja555on2717d ago

There will be a multiplayer beta but the date hasn't been announced yet.

xruiner892717d ago

September is the multiplayer beta.

Ja555on2717d ago

When did they say that?

dragonelite2716d ago

september is when the beta is planned hopefully a week before gears of war 3.

pr0digyZA2716d ago

Ja555om they announced the beta would be in September because the game launches October, I also believe the beta will happen for all the releases in September.

ShoryukenII2716d ago

Someone claims they went to E3 and were told Septemeber 20. I don't know if it is true but I have nothing else to believe.

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DoomeDx2717d ago

Hitman is an idiot. Even his avatar (which shows his face) annoys me.

Convas2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Well, if Hitman is responsible for this, to hell with him. I was already growing tired of him sending me PMs every damn other day to approve his crap.

Plus, he's the one that pissed off DICE's BF3 Rendering Architect on Twitter. He seems intent on trolling DICE and Battlefield 3.

NarooN2716d ago

That Hitman dude needs to just be banned from journalism. Dude is always posting BS.

RememberThe3572716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Yeah I had his back a few times in the past but this is bullshit. You don't make shit up and expect us to keep you around. He needs to be Black Balled immediately. We've done it in the past and IMO it need to happen more often.

Most people didn't believe it in the first place. The articles comment section was filled with people calling him out.

unicron72716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Why is he still allowed to post shit on here? Troll article after troll article. Sheesh.

What I find truly awesome about BF3 thus far is all of the media trolling that has been taking place on the net, and every single occurance ends with the article creator looking like an idiot/liar. TROLL HARDER.

Save the critism for shooters that actually in need of it. *cough* MW3 *cough*

SilentNegotiator2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Because BS still means clicks for N4G. That's why mods don't remove rumor articles when they get debunked.

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KingZFlipper2717d ago

I'm happy all three consoles can enjoy this engine, although I'm getting it for PC

Pintheshadows2716d ago

I wasn't interested intially but i've just invested heavily in a new PC so i'd be dumb not to get it. I'd play online on PC as well. Tend to avoid it on consoles.

Ja555on2717d ago

I never doubted it in the first place.

shayol33t2717d ago

Yeah seriously, as if they would highlight the capabilities of the engine, and then "OHNEOS GUYS SAWRY conloles! no soup for you."

qwertyz2717d ago

yeah there is frostbite 2.0(consoles)
and !!!!FROSTBITE 2.0!!!!(PC)

theflyindutchman2717d ago

WTF? That Hitman dude must be Bobby him self!
Its really sad that guys put so much bs on the net about BF3.
Lets wait until oktober and then talk about it.
Dice always delivers in my opinion.

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