Escape From the City With Modern Sonic

Dan Curtis of Gamergaia writes: I'm pretty pumped for Sonic Generations. Finally, it seems, has Sega managed to map together some old school classic Sonic with the great 'daytime' levels of Sonic Unleashed, creating an experience that looks - at least for now - like it could be the best Sonic title for nearly a decade. Several classic Sonic levels from the game will be included in the overall package when it comes out, but the latest trailer of the game showcases the level 'City Escape' complete with a brand new vocal backing track of the level's music and a run-through with Modern Sonic. Snazzy.

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TinaLauro2662d ago

Looking good! I'm not sure about the best for a decade line, though...

pungello882662d ago

Sonic is at his best when he's 2D sidescrolling.

ares21al2662d ago

You are absolutely correct, takes me back to my younger days of playing a sega in a house with friends on a huge 27" tv.

DanielComfort2662d ago

I really, really don't want to be disappointed with a new Sonic. And this is looking good, really. I do hope I'm not disappointed once again.