Will PlanetSide 2 Be Heading For PS3?

TheSixthAxis writes:

"Maybe a minor gaming topic, but one which has been popping up throughout the latter portion of this week is whether Sony Online Entertainment has plans to launch their upcoming sci-fi MMO FPS for the PlayStation 3. The game debuted during SOE’s open conference at its Fan Faire in Las Vegas, promising to support huge-scale persistent online environments and class-less, skill driven gameplay; PlanetSide 2 is SOE’s most ambitious project to date and certainly worth keeping an eye on..."

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Apotheosize2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

That would be pretty cool and I wouldnt be all that suprised since Free Realms and DCUO are but Planetside 2 looks like a system pushing game, seamless worlds, hundreds of players, I dont think the PS3 could be able to without making a lot of sacrifices

MidnytRain2388d ago

I read an article that said the player count would be in the thousands.

Laypoof2389d ago

Wasn't there an article here that pretty much said it's coming to the PS3?

Wizziokid2389d ago

the last I've heard they said 'stay tuned' on that topic, which wasn't a yes but it wasn't a straight up no either, this makes me think it could be

Voxelman2389d ago

But if it's coming to the PS3 why not announce it? Announcing the game as a PC exclusive and then launching a PS3 version makes no sense given they are first party, you would think they would be pushing it as a tent pole release for PS3 if it was coming.

given the quote ”We were first with DCUO, second with Free Realms, and we have other things planned, possibly beyond even the PS3,” Matt Higby adding “stay tuned.”

It may just be a PS4 launch title ; )

I doubt the PS3 has enough RAM to deliver a game of Planetside 2 anyway, lack of RAM is also the reason FFXIV isn't out yet as well as they are struggling to get that game to run on the PS3 and it's got a far smaller scope than Planetside 2.

sinncross2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I really do not think that SOE is actually first party at all.
They fall under SCE control as opposed to Sony Pictures (which used to control them) since 2008, but this control is not like say Naughty Dog who belong to SCE. SOE is still its own subsidary in the Sony family, just like SCE and Sony Music etc.

This is why the PC market is still their focal target since 2008, and why not all of their games even come to a Sony platform post-2008.
So a PS3 release is possible and i am sure that SCE might push for one, but it is still up to SOE.

BeastlyRig2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

according to SOE the engine is co developed by nvidia with physx integrated & made to scale on pc's!


Between the graphics the 2000 players & Nvidia physx it won't come to ps3 or will be very limited because of hardware..

It's ironic that sony does something beyond ps3 capabilities!

They are using the same engine for EverQuest next!
So far PayDay: the heist,PlanetSide 2 & Everquest next I am hoping PS4 games will be on PC!

I am loving SOE right now..

Wizziokid2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

it will likely have to be brought down in scale if they do bring it out for PS3, but I'd love to see it, so please do it!

snaileri2389d ago

64-players MP? No.

256-player MP? No.

1000-player MP? Yes.

IMChampion2388d ago

Not to be a pessimist but I'd pass on that. SOE can't program on the PS3 to save their jobs. DCUO is a hot mess on the PS3 and the servers reflect it. Ghost towns. I'll pass on that until they prove themselves.

Rynx2388d ago

Seeing as how I just platinum'd DCUO, I'm going to have to agree, somewhat. The PS3 just can't handle DCUO, with every update they implement new problems arises. I can't even count how many times my PS3 froze when playing this game, it was aggravating to say the least. I'm a huge DC fan and a huge PS3 fan but this combination and experience playing this game have left me very conflicted. Overall I still had fun with this game, but it does get repetitive and the trophy list was very unimaginative.

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