Can Catherine Possibly Succeed In The US?

PSX Extreme - This month, we will see Catherine from Atlus, which is an example of Japan-centric entertainment that may struggle when it launches here in the US. Utilizing an anime setting, a story-driven, heavily cinematic plot, and puzzle-based gameplay, the game certainly sounds intriguing, but it also clashes big time with the type of productions that prove popular in this country. I've also heard the puzzles can be ridiculously hard and considering the waning patience of the gaming populace - and the American public as a whole - that could be a huge stumbling block.

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ilikegam3s2691d ago

Anything can happen :D ><

AntoineDcoolette2691d ago

So long as Atlus covers the localization costs with the sales and American fans are happy then Catherine succeeded.

Pozzle2691d ago

I hope it does, tbh. I'm personally not interested in the game, but it would be nice to see more obscure Japanese games and genres being localized in the West.

NukaCola2691d ago

It could be. I would say I can see something like Demon's Souls. It would be critically acclaimed but the sales would be just decent. I personally am intrigued, but I really need to get it in my hands before I can truly make a judgment of whqt this came is and can do. Right now I am sitting between scared sh*tless and very curious about this new freaky title.