The Adventures of Melonie Mac, featuring Terraria

Terraria, gameplay submissions, creepy artwork, and more!

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Halochampian2714d ago

Just picked up Terraria a few days ago. Truly is a fun game similar to Minecraft.

Just sad I picked it up 2 days before it went on sale for 2 bucks on steam

MelonieMac2714d ago

Lol yes, I got it before the 2 dollar sale as well. Though it's still well worth it :)

Halochampian2714d ago

lol Steam always does that to me.

And yes. Worth Every penny. Have a server up and running for it.

Mystickay862714d ago

Interesting art. That mask seems similar to TF2's pyro :p. I'm guessing you were inspired a bit? Or just liked gas masks in general.

MelonieMac2714d ago

I just like gas masks in general. Drew the mask from the top of my head, but I do play Pyro on TF2. :p

captain-obvious2714d ago

no wonder you play pyro
your frickin hot