1UP - What EA Actually Means by "Revolution" in Soccer

1UP - Producer David Rutter on the topic of how FIFA 12 will be more than a series evolution.

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Moskuz2632d ago



Its football...not soccer. Damn ignorant americans.

FlashXIII2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Yeah I will never understand why they call their football football. Barely even involves nastery of the feet. Guess calling it "handball" or "rushball" or whatever sounds kind of lame in comparison.

HxCGamer2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

It's called football because the ball is one foot long ha

and they of course had to use their ridiculous measuring system.

P.S. I've lived in america for lk 10 years but some ish here is just ridic

Loko232632d ago

yes it's FOOTBALL not soccer not calcio not futebol not fussball not voetbal lol

FlashXIII2632d ago

Each year they say it'll be a revolution. While this year certainly is shaping up to be good I will wait for a demo before I get too excited. Last year's was supposed to be revolutionary AI changes to make players feel like their real life counterparts and we all know that didn't exactly pan out.

Jacobster2632d ago

I'll tell you exactly what is meant by revolution:

Marketing slang to grab our hard earned cash! I think I might buy a football this year and actually have my own revolution :D

Not that I am bitter, but it does look a good game!

hazelamy2632d ago


do they mean it wont be 99% of the same game they released last year with one new feature that will make an already bloated and unwieldy control scheme even more complicated?