CVG - Pandora's Tower Review

CVG - So you're having a bit of a public party and everyone's having a lovely time, but then monsters bust the place up. Annoying. Should you go home and have an early night, or will you take off with a random stranger and a manky old dwarf with glowing eyes who carries a skeleton on his back? A skeleton in a cooking pot.

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zerocrossing2509d ago

Good review or bad review, Im getting this game!

CrescentFang2509d ago

^ Yeah, I mean it is the developers first non-license game (I believe they've basically made all the One Piece game up until now and those were really fun)

zerocrossing2509d ago

I never played the One Piece games myself :/ Just looking at the gameplay, story and art in Pandoras tower it all seems so original. Im definitely going to back a developer that can set this kind of standard with their first non-license game. (That and Im a sucker for JRPG's lol)

Peaceful_Jelly2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

EU is getting all the love because NA is too infatuated with shooters.

zerocrossing2509d ago

Yeah its great news for us in EU, Though it is a shame for those in NA that aren't infatuated with FPS, TPS and button mashing. I blame the media and advertising for blowing those genres out of proportion and making it so many other great games get overshadowed by the hype.

tunaks12509d ago

gameplay and soundtrack looks great!

tunaks12509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

uh oh
by look, I mean are impressive, looking at a soundtrack is pointless

Venox20082509d ago

I'll keep an eye for this :)

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