19 new characters Smash Bros Wii U must include

GamesRadar - One of Nintendo’s consistently highest-selling franchises of the last decade, Super Smash Bros has been used sparingly, only appearing once on each home consoles starting with N64. With so few releases, the years-long wait between sequels is filled with people thinking up their dream matches for the next entry in the fan-service drenched series.

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NukaCola2717d ago

Cool list. Somethings could work as Smash ball powers, like Wolf Link.

Pikajew2717d ago

Who ever they choose they probably be great.

SinnedNogara2716d ago

They should only add 2 third party characters per game, after awhile adding 10 third parties would take the Nintendo flavor out of Smash Bros. The only third party characters they should have in SSB4 are Snake, Sonic, Mega Man and Bomberman. Only one character per third party franchise.

Another rule is a maximum of 5 characters per franchise for the first and second party franchises

Anyways here are characters they should add:

-Bowser Jr/Shadow Mario
-King K. Rool
-Masks Link (Goron Link, Zora Link, Deku Link, and Fierce Diety Link as a Final Smash).
-Dark Samus
-Mewtwo (a returning character)
-Masked Man
-Samurai Goroh
-Black Shadow
-Lyndis (or any other new Fire Emblem character)
-Little Mac
-Muddy Mole

Samus HD2715d ago

instead of yarn kirby Get princ Fllufy