Universal confirms "no plans to support Blu-ray"

As the next generation format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD continues to rumble on, Pocket-lint sat down over email with Ken Graffeo, excutive vice president, HD DVD Strategic Marketing for Universal, the only studio to singularly back Toshiba's HD DVD format from the start.

Is HD DVD going to win over Blu-ray? What does the future hold? How does the company feel about Paramount and Dreamworks coming on board? And will it ever release Blu-ray movies?

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beavis4play4062d ago

universal answers questions like a company that's wearing a brand new 150 million dollar money hat. funny how the interviewer didn't ask about that?

lawman11084061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Case in point, I have a PS3 and I still bought two Toshiba HD players last Friday. The A2 for $99 @ Walmart and the A3 @ Circuit City for $199 and that came with 7 free HD dvds. People care about cost bottom line, I got mine so I have each no matter who wins. I would also like to add that NEITHER format will will unless they lower the price to the $20 dollar range for the HD/BR DVDs I refuse to pay more then $20 bucks for ANY dvd. I also HATE that new 360/PS# games are $60 bucks too.

blackmagic4061d ago

You're thinking of Paramount/Dreamworks not Universal.

godofthunder104061d ago

how dom can people be,i like to know the name to all the people that belives sony didn't give the movie companies any accentive and the funny part never lie to them because i like george said i have some ocean front property in arizona i like to sell them.
the people that says crap like this are just sony fans that are bias hell they lied about the ps1 and 2.they showed a game footage before the ps2 came out and said that it was the real game play footage but after the ps2 was released,the game didn't look at all like the footage,it was found out and proven to be true that it was prerendered and that's a fact.ther's no company in the world going to tell you the truth about any thing,so stop saying crap like that just because you have a ps3(i know you do by the way you talk about sony)and start having grownup conversations and debates instead of lieing your a** off because it's sony and you're bias,hell i like microsoft but i want lie for them.
if it wasn't for the ps3 then br would've lost already because they can't sell any stand alone dvd players and that's a fact and i don't care who wins the format war because neither is making a dent in the dvds sell and if they don't start selling a lot more hd-dvds and brs disks by the end of next year then they both might loose because they can't keep making them and loosing money year after year.

Ignorant Fanboy4061d ago

"How dom can people be"

People can be really dom sometimes, but dont call them stipud, it makes you look bad.

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gamesblow4062d ago

So, basically Universal is being SMACKS about the format war... That's nice. I just own't support Universal now. Fine with me. I mean, look at it this way... Blu-ray "as of right now" has this biggest install and fan base and consumer base. < Notice I said "RIGHT NOW" Universal obviously doesn't care about 64% of the market, cause that's what the ratio is to HD-dvd right now ... 64%, that leads me to believe Universal only cares about the big pay off and not the consumers who buy their movies. Or would be willing to buy their movies. I don't care who they support and when... I just want them to be honest is all. That's what we asked of Sony, right? To be honest... well, they have been as of late. I expect these companies to not insult our intelligence any longer. Universal will not get a dime from me on dvd - HD-dvd or Blu-ray "even if they decided to support it" now.

xbox360migs4061d ago

The so called pay-off was paramount/dreamworks so your argument is unfounded, This is Universal. The bulk of Blu-ray sales are fueled by PS3 owners and for the movie industry games consoles alone are not going to secure the future major bulk sales for the next generation movie format, hence why attachment rates per player on HD DVD are nearly four-fold. The whole Blu-ray interactive saga had been a joke until now and should not have been....maybe thats what happens when you bypass the DVD forum which is there to protect consumers from such a thing. I do think that Blu-ray for the PS3 with games in mind is great though. I think you need to seriously reconsider the Sony honesty thing though because you may be in for a shock!

blackmagic4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

64% of what? How many copies of 300 sold on DVD compared to hd-dvd and blu-ray combined? What is it, 30 to 1 for dvd vs combined hd media sales?

ArmrdChaos4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Maybe you should do a little math. HD makes up less than 10% of the TOTAL market so 64% of that is what...around 6.5% Yeah...I would say Universal is a lot more interested in that remaining 93.5%.

dragonZ284062d ago

HD DVD is going to win - the writing is on the wall. Blu-Ray can't compete with the prices.

Shadow Flare4062d ago

And thats exactly why HD-DVD is in the lead at the moment


HD-DVD can't compete with bluray's selection. In HMV in Uk the HD-DVD section is about a 1/3 the size of the bluray section. Let alone every single ps3 sold is another bluray player sold. Why do you think Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg wanted their films on bluray? Why do you think the Warner VP favoured Bluray much more? Cos it's losing???

Vertius4062d ago

HMV here in Ireland don't even stock HD DVDs...

duarteq4061d ago

The prices, hummm, are they making dumping ? ... Someone in USA should check that

pornflakes4062d ago

Since years the price always wins.

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