WWE '12 | Gameplay Q&A #3; Hints At Must-Have Pre-Order Incentive

A new Q&A session video has been released by THQ where WWE '12's Creative Director Corey Ledesma answers all the fans' questions.

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itani2711d ago

If it's a time issue then why don't they release the game next year rather than rush it and release one every year? Every questions he answered he always said that they couldn't put that in because of time.

slavish32711d ago

thats what i was thinking. they should do like they did with ufc3 and release every 2years. I wish more developers could make wwe games

DeadlyFire2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Stop using your spare development teams to make WWE Brawl, WWE All Stars, and WWE Crash Course, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. Just make WWE 2012 or something. 2-3 year development cycles. Its a wise development plan. Should be implemented for any sports franchise or yearly title as well. One year(8-9 months) slap that shit together just doesn't work anymore. I would of thought THQ/Yukes would have learned that by now.

alousow2711d ago

this game is the "COD" of wrestling games. Same stuff none stop, i dont see no difference between svr11 n w12