The Next Smash Bros Star!!

After skipping the Nintendo DS for one reason or another, the Super Smash Bros. franchise will make its portable debut on the Nintendo 3DS...

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Shackdaddy8362541d ago

Megaman, Charmander, Toad, King K. Rool, Slippy for teh lolz, Bowser Jr., Castlevania guy, one of the Resident Evil characters, Mike Tyson from Punch-Out!!...

Just a few that I thought would be cool to play. Nintendo has tons of characters to pick from.

Valk2541d ago

Hint: Nintendo doesnt make Resident Evil, Mega Man, or castlevania, so when it comes to characters they cant just pick from 3rd party games and use characters they do not have the rights to.

Shackdaddy8362541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

They didn't make solid snake or sonic either but they had them in the last game. As long as they get permission from the company who uses the character then they can use it.

Valk2540d ago

Nintendo had to get permission from Sega and Konami for those characters as well and they are not NIntendo characters.

Since you clearly forgot what you even posted to begin with let me repost what you said "Just a few that I thought would be cool to play. Nintendo has tons of characters to pick from"

Now Since what you posted is irrelevent and only shows that I am right because they had to get the rights to use those characters and not just throw them in any game they chose, I'll give you a day or two to think of something legit to post in response...

Saddest part is someone else like you thinks Nintendo owns the rights to use RE characters in their games.... Sad indeed.

SinnedNogara2540d ago

Two rules they should go buy, only 5 characters per Nintendo franchise and only 1 character per third party franchise. And they should only add 2 third party characters per game.

King K. Rool would be awesome btw, him and Dixie Kong would wrap up the Donkey Kong franchise.

RockmanII72541d ago

Mega Man is a shoe in, not only is he the most demanded character on online polls but the reason why he didn't get in Brawl was because Capcom was waiting for Nintendo to ask to use him and Nintendo was waiting for Capcom to ask for him in Brawl.

StarWolf2541d ago

now that Ubi and Nintendo are practically in bed together, I expect Rayman and one of those Rabid Rabits (hopefully not)

nopunctuation2541d ago

Dark Samus
Goku (overkill but why not?)
Deoxys (Much better than lucario)
Raichu (As a final smash for pikachu)
Wolf link (replace toon link/young link for a final smash)
Cloud/Sephiroth (you know it would be cool)

CNXN2541d ago

I know this maybe something most people could care less about...

but I wish for the single player modes to be instead of a huge messed up plot called emissary how about just remaking classic levels for each character. or brand new ones whatever work I wouldnt mind a couple side scrolling levels for a few characters.

personal I didnt mind the adventure mode in melee. so something along those lines would be cool with a world map

I dunno im just getting carried away

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