inFamous 2 Hero Trailer [Japan] Released

An un-posted trailer from Sucker Punch and Sony Computer Entertainment called "Hero" Trailer has been released to Japan for the sandbox game inFamous 2.

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firemassacre2713d ago

i hope they make a movie based on this, a good one though :) not a crappy one, like the guys who made spiderman.

Mc Fadge2713d ago

Wouldn't do the game justice. Hard to make a movie with a branching narrative.

CaptainMarvelQ82713d ago


(that song was awesome btw,anyone know it's name?)

sashimi2713d ago

I kinda want the Japanese audio for the game :P so i can play it a third time. Fantastic trailer

zinkabassy2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

They designed Sly ,.. sold,.. It is really hard to match their gameplay design,.. I don't care what people say,.. gameplay elements of this guys is just Mikami like,.. they rule,.. Yes they made a better game than your lover boy Drake (that game was awesome,.. pacing is a bit crazy)

game=fun 100 percent of the time,...even stupid shit was fun,.. guys know gameplay,.. It is our Nintendo type of gameplay design shit right here,.. game is pure fun,.. I don't know what Sanzaru Games is doing with my Sly,.. but they seem passionate and that is good,..

Japanese are fucking crazy bdw,.. Me rike it !!!

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