Rocksteady has a 'fantastic week' in store for Batman: Arkham City

XMNR: Rocksteady Studios has already surprised us with a campaign playable Catwoman and a Tim Drake version of Robin whose ready to step into a cagematch. Now it looks the studio could possibly have a another surprise in store for Batman: Arkham City next week.

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LOGICWINS2508d ago

Online co-op. I still don't believe that they aren't including it in the game.

TheBatman_Fanatic2508d ago Not every game needs multiplayer. This has been written plenty of times.

LOGICWINS2508d ago

^^I still don't believe it. Whether its on the disc or DLC, I see it happening.

DrRichtofen2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

You're double negative threw me through a loop... lol is there co-op or not? XD

Bull5hifT2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Who in there right mind would want to be ROBIN in online co-op, same goes for RAIDEN ... That Dark Blue Falcon, DarkWing? Maby hed be a good partner, only saw a flash of him on the cartoon show

firemassacre2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

i cannot wait for arkham city, i wonder if the ps3 will get exclusive content like it did with the joker in arkham asylum. god im going to be broke as hell this year, no money at all, too many games. anyways this looks to be hands down the best batman game ever made, its better than most games out there.

MikeTyson2508d ago

LogicWins obviously hasn't played the first game.

hopefully Batman AC doesn't fall to being the dreaded "shit; sequel" - then we all wait for the bounce back on the third one; claiming to go back to it's roots!

in short; Rocksteady better stick to what made Batman AA great.