Uncharted Movie Still Alive, Will Probably Be Awful

"Because of my passion for the series, I naturally began following the status of the so called 'Uncharted Movie'. It's been a little crazy so far, but here is a very brief rundown of what has happened in this movies history, followed by why I feel it will be a trainwreck."

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LOGICWINS2713d ago

"Uncharted Movie Still Alive, Will Probably Be Awful"

Then don't watch it.

JBit922713d ago

lol, you my friend,are a genius. No, I love the series and if they make a movie they need to do it right. The point is I want to see this movie, so I want them to do it right.

jony_dols2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I think Neil Burger will do a great job with his adaptation of Uncharted.

Hopefully he will bring Bradley Cooper on-board as Drake (unfortunately neither Nathan Fillion or Nolan North have enough of the star credential that Sony Pictures will be looking for, especially if they want to turn Uncharted into a blockbuster franchise).

But I think Cooper has the looks & personality that would suit the Drake character down to the ground, and he has the advantage of having worked with Burger in the past (Limitless).

I'm pretty sure that Burger will start from scratch with Uncharted's script. The reason O'Russell left the project in the first place was because Sony didn't like the direction that he was taking the story.

It's good that Sony have complete control of the franchise and that they have a respect for Naughty Dog's original source material. Which is in fact is the opposite to some other video game film adaptations that were outsourced to film studio's who in truth new very little about source material that they were representing.

Anyway I now have high hopes for the Uncharted film, especially since I heard the news that Burger is attached.

JBit922713d ago

Cooper would actually be great for the role. A mix between the confidence in Limitless and the hysterics in The Hangover might work.

morganfell2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

All one needs to do is see Cooper's performance as Face in the A team to understand that he could pull off the Drake role.

Buypoe? No, I am not buying anything this poor attempt at writing surmises. The fact is as soon as David O'Russell left the project the possibility of it being good quadrupled. When Wahlberg left with him the chances increased ten fold.

The fact that jbit is attempting to write a brief history concerning the Uncharted film yet by his own admission knows so little about Fillion is a quick litmus test of the quality of the research.

The writer of the article, jbit92, seems to hold O'Russell in high regard despite the fact that he was on the verge of committing the biggest sin of video game to movie adaptations. That sin is in gutting everything from the movie that made the game great in the first place. Then when the movie inevitably fails, the Hollywood snobs and their acolytes expound ad nauseum that video games make poor source material.

The same used to be said of comic to movie IPs. Then when Directors began to pay service to the comic fans, that is to say they preserved the sanctity of the comic, success followed like a faithful dog.

The failure to comprehend such a simple fact is just one reason why jbit92 errs in his assumptions. You can add the truth that jbit assumes Burger, an accomplished screen writer in his own right, would plan on using O'Russell's trash when the entire world is aware of the outcry regarding his ideas.

The author makes tons of assumptions in the article without one shred of supporting evidence. jbit states one of the issues is the old storyline. Seriously, does he really think that idiotic story will survive without O'Russell? Rock beats scissors and my assumption the old storyline will be gone beats jbit's assumption it will have any effect on the movie.

Every movie has politics involved in their production yet plenty of them turn out to be good and more than a few achieve greatness. The idea that politics has a better than even chance to sink the movie is absurd. If anything politics may have saved the film. The recent debacle brought on by O'Russell cleaned the pipes so to speak and the studio along with the producers are more aware than ever to whom and what they need pay homage.

And no jbit, Mary Mark doesn't look anything like Nathan Drake. Besides, Marky has the range of a 10 year old Daisy Air Rifle. A 2X4 would make a better Drake. jbit assumes Wahlberg is staying for the time being when every Hollywood insider that has mentioned the story commented on Wahlberg following O'Russell's exit. And Wahlberg has film commitments elsewhere, one with O'Russell already.

jbit92. Yeah, I wouldn't attach my real name to such a misguided piece either.

The Illusionist is a film of some quality and combined with Limitless and The Lucky Ones gives a good idea of the range that Burger possesses. He also has a knack for writing and a well developed sense of story. There is little doubt the movie's prospects are now on the rise.

Here is a better, more realistic take by a writer with a real name:

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BeOneWithTheGun2712d ago

Morganfell is absolutely correct in regards to Coopers performance in A-Team. He could actually pull of Drake's schmoozing wit and charm with minimal effort

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MrSpace2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

We'll have comments about why Fillion should be Drake in a few more comments

Why get Fillion when we should be fighting for Nolan North to get the role, honestly guys come on. Who cares if he's a no name for once hollywood should take a chance and give him the role. Remember when Hollywood used to take chances with no name actors in films when they were best suited for the part. Get some make up on there, tell North to bulk up and he'd be perfect.

It's like people forget how much of an amazing job Nolan does with the character, he has even said himself he would love to do it (he wants his big break) but he knows Sony want big he even suggested himself he wanted to see Hugh Jackman get the part if not him. I bet he thought in the back of his mind that the only thing which could get him the part is if Uncharted fans begged for Sony to give it to him, Emily and Richard.....oh but no there too busy wanting Nathan Fillion. How depressing would that be seeing fans of the game wanting another no name actor in films (and I said in films not TV series) to get the role instead.

I really want to see that chemistry between Emily Rose and Nolan on the big screen. Fillion is my second choice, but Nolan will always be my first.

LOGICWINS2713d ago

"Why get Fillion when we should be fighting for Nolan North to get the role, honestly guys come on."

But thats never going to happen. You think Hollywood gives a crap about what the hardcore gamer minority wants?

MrSpace2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Well if people are going to go on about Fillion so much then I think the majority of gamers do.

It's not the point though people are still suggesting Fillion when Nolan should be put first. Will he get the role.....probably not, actually no, scrapp's very unlikely, but at least it's nice to know people tried like they're trying to get Fillion the role.

Pozzle2713d ago

It's sad that Hollywood are so unwilling to give newcomers a chance. For all we know, Nolan North could be the next big actor. But we'll never find out, because Hollywood aren't willing to take a risk and cast a no-name actor. :(

mantisimo2712d ago

They (The producers and sony pictures) could give the role of drake to Nolan or Nathan or me it doesn't matter as long as you have a stellar cast of supporting characters.

Their names give the film the saleability while Nolan/Nathan keeps the fans happy but this is only possible with some heavy hollywood hitters.

kneon2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Nolan North has no chance unless they can add in some other big names to make up for Nolan being an unknown among the general populace.

I'd still like to see Kyle Chandler in the role. He's got the right look and should be able pull off this role. His latest movie, Super 8 has done reasonably well so that can only help his chances, but I wouldn't bet anything on it, he's never even been mentioned as being in the running.

MrSpace2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Thing is your right about big names but have they ever thought to let the villains in the film be played by big stars and just promote the film with them. They could even have cameo's from big stars and all they could play are pirates or random characters who will get killed off straight away

You could still have Nolan, Emily and Richard but in the trailers/posters show off the big stars more. It's kind of like tricking the audience to give the no name actors in the film a chance, that's how most no name actors got their big break in the past, hollywood used to promote the film with only the big stars who wern't even in the film that long.

BeOneWithTheGun2712d ago

What I don't understand is the name "Uncharted" is what is going to sell it. Obviously, a lot of people know of the game, it has sold millions between the 2.

I just don't understand how Sony would think that Nolan would not draw in the crowds. He IS Drake.

Can you imagine seeing a trailer on TV in which you heard the real Drake talking and then they went all crazy with action CG and great landscapes with Sully spouting off some sexist remark? I would shit myself.

DrRichtofen2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Lol at that Mark Wahlberg pic. I think he has too much of a baby face to play as Drake.

karl2713d ago

he looks like crap..

SKUD2713d ago

LOL, I love the title. Yea, It will suck. Then again they still keep cranking out those Resident Evil movies.

JBit922713d ago

Hahaha oh god. The RE movies are so bad they're good. Like Human Centipede lol

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