Five Video Game Characters Who Got Away With Murder

iGG says: Have a nice weekend everybody, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. Many of you may think she got away with murder, so iGo Gaming has put together a list of characters who have recently gotten away with murder themselves! [Spoilers Ahead]

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Urmomlol2689d ago

Wow, you really chose to exploit the tragic murder of a little girl by writing a poorly written video game article?

Talk about tasteless.

wiggles2689d ago

bubs urmomlol, that was in really bad taste.

acemonkey2688d ago

lol really? disagree....but i understand the list but kinda dumb to add GTA people on that list

Xof2688d ago


Keep in mind that for us to even see this story TEN DIFFERENT PEOPLE had to approve it.

Maybe that number should be upped to 50, given the amount of garbage N4G is flooded with.

RockmanII72688d ago

I don't get it, why was the article bad?

Technical World2688d ago

Every game character murders. Go play a Mario game and stomp on a goomba. What are you doing? Murdering a Goomba.

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fr00ty-wizenhymer2688d ago

Pretty much any game allows you to kill somebody, and you always get away with it.

cogniveritas2688d ago

Mostly true, but Killing is not the same as Murder.

Technical World2688d ago

Who cares let me ask you? Do you know how manhy video game characters murder? All of them. Mario murders hundreds of goombas in every one of his games. Spongebob murders in his video games I mean really why would someone even waste time writing this. This man just lost 100 brain cells and 2 hours of his life writing this when he could be busy opening the curtains getting some sunlight and talking to people face to face.

Darth Stewie2688d ago

Drake is a mass murderer but just to cool.

Ryutamashiisan2688d ago

lol after my exploits in GTA: San Andreas, i can say that he is my #1 character that got away with murder, followed by the silent guy from GTA III xD

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