Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta - Week 2's Plunder (StrengthGamer)

Samy Masadi of StrengthGamer writes, "Just like the feisty hero Nathan Drake, the developers at Naughty Dog are full of surprises. Although their multiplayer beta for the hotly anticipated adventure, Uncharted 3, runs well over two weeks, many of us explored it for the first few days and thought we’d charted everything. Lo and behold, the beta’s second week holds a treasure trove of new modes, left by the developers for us to discover."

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firemassacre2632d ago

best console graphics out there. cant wait for it. i have to save my money.

AvidGamerrrr2632d ago

Yeah. especially for a beta. it looks incredible.

Jamaicangmr2632d ago

The most competitive and teamwork driven online multiplayer game period.

I just done playing it now i need rest, good night ladies.

mt2632d ago

U3 online is absolutely incredible. i love it. well except it takes long time to kill someone, but i think i will get used to it.