The EVO 2 is an Open Source Console, Will Bring Mobile Games To Your Living Room

As everyone knows console gaming is huge all around the world. On the market today there are three major consoles: Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Come to think of it they are the only home gaming consoles on the market. Gaming Irresponsibly thinks it’s about time we saw something new, don’t you?

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fluffydelusions2663d ago

Who'd want to play mobile games on a TV opposed to say 360/PS3 games? Mobile games are good for some quick fun while on the bus or waiting in line and that's about it IMO.

agentxk2663d ago

There are some enjoyable mobile games that could be fun on a tv. What about Zenonia?

Js2Kings2663d ago

Unless all around: Most (newer) android phones have a HDMI port to mirror the screen to a TV. There are apps that use the bluetooth to use controllers (Wiimote, keyboard, custom bluetooth keyboard). And if it's an Android device, these developers should know about the HTC Evo, so why is it called EVO 2?

agentxk2663d ago

Noticed that, kinda makes it funny

ultrapepe2663d ago

Epic Fail. The entire point of Mobile games is that they are mobile. As actual full console titles they simply don't offer enough content.

Example: Do you really want to play games like Pew Pew, They need to be fed, or Robot Unicorn Attack on your tv?