Bioshock Infinite's New Heights

Bioshock is now in legacy mode. After two sequels in the franchise, the third is a new beginning for the award winning game. The return of Kevin Levine introduces us to a world that is riveting, and mysterious. Bioshock Infinite is an adventure that literally spans the sky line. takes a look at where the series is , and can go from here.

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MoreRPG2689d ago

i saw the demo on gttv and the game looks awesome i just hope ken levine is involve in the development of the psv game too

part of the gttv special

TheLastGuardian20102689d ago

This has game of the generation type of stuff written all over it. Demo was godly. Can't wait for 2012.

Pintheshadows2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I couldn't agree more. This will be revered.

@phello. 90 % of n4g are idiots who would rather play military FPS over this.

phello2689d ago

Has anyone noticed that Bioshock Infinite stories on n4g seem to be not too hot, after that demo I taught everyone would be going crazy about how class it looks

RatchetandClank2689d ago

No, they are too worry about MW3 and BF3. I on the other hand try to find any news i can on Bioshock Infinte.

despair2689d ago

I'm not entirely sold on the game, the demo was pretty damn incredible for the most part(2 weapons, really?), but from what I've seen its just to showcase the game. Unless the player follows the events exactly like they did then all the situational banter and events will not happen or impact as well as it did. Immersion is not going to be like that in practice.

Until I see an actual part of the game that anyone can pick up and play I won't put down my deposit yet. That said the game is still a ways off and the demo really was incredible, not to mention the world its set in.

TheLastGuardian20102689d ago

Every event in that demo could've been avoided, or occured in a different way according to Levine. It's all about your choices. If you shoot the horse then the time warp to NYC never occurs. Don't speakup for the postman, you don't get into a fight. When Elizabeth asks if you would rather get supplies, or go straight to Comstock, and if you did indeed chose to go straight to him then you'll avoid that particular scenario as well.

It's all about choices.

Also there's a 3 weapon wheel. It's meant for strategic scenarios according to Levine

despair2689d ago

actually the weapon limit doesn't bother me too much it was the other stuff. But from what you say it sound complicated...I like complexity...

If this game lives up to what Levine claims it will accomplish then I expect it to be unlike anything else...of course we have heard claims similar to these before and not a single one really lived up to the developers hype, guess there's always the chance of a first.