Just Dance 2: The Top Selling Third Party Game On a Nintendo Platform

VGChartz writes:-
"Ubisoft's Just Dance 2 launched on Wii last October. In the roughly 9 months since, through the few days of July the game has sold 7.69m units globally. Through the same date, Sega's Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has sold 7.73m units. Given that Just Dance 2 is selling around 50,000 per week still on the Wii, compared to the few thousand per week Mario & Sonic is selling, it is likely that as of today, July 9, 2011, Just Dance 2 is the best selling third party game on a Nintendo platform, a period that covers over 25 years of history."

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Agent-862662d ago

Pretty sad. That's the top selling third party game on any Nintendo platform? Wow, I guess it is true that Nintendo consoles don't have very good third party support. That top ten list of games isn't very inspiring.

Fullmetalevolust2662d ago

I want it for the ps3, Im not into casual gaming, but my non-gaming friends truly love the game, and it's really fun for a low key party and chillin' w your friends.

Darth Stewie2662d ago

Just Dance 3 is going to be multiplat.

Surfaced2662d ago

Don't know why anyone would disagree with an objective statement like yours.

It's a fact: JD3 is multiplatform.

Fullmetalevolust2662d ago

That's dance music to my ears!

bart9992662d ago

I am a proud "core" gamer, and yes I love Just Dance 2!!!!