Journey - One to Watch

PS3 developer ‘thatgamecompany’ certainly know something about originality. As the developer of two hit PSN download games flOw and flower, thatgamecompany is lining up its third entry to market. The game ‘Journey’ is looking to be another unique, simplistic yet utterly captivating downloadable adventure...

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nefertis2542d ago

i want this game so bad.

Xof2542d ago

I /think/ I want this game equally bad.

I'm not sure because none of the videos I've seen show actual gameplay. All I know is that it looks pretty. ~__~

(Yes, there are videos of the GAME, but not of the player actually, you know, doing anything but walking around).

Ddouble2542d ago

Kotaku's video shows gameplay

HelghastSoldier12542d ago

this game looks very interesting and nit, i have a feeling is going for $15 on PSN, the new qore episode was the thing to hook me up to this game, the free journey theme is very cool

cooperdnizzle2542d ago

This game is going to be a nice fresh breath of air. From what i have seen it looks amazing.. I can't wait for this to come out.

B_Rian892542d ago

The beta is really nice. Its cool when you run into other players and can continue to play with them

Drab2542d ago

Imao just release it already!!!!:p

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