Call Of Doom: Mod Combines MW2 And Doom 2 For An Amazing Gaming Experience

What happens when you blend the classic title Doom with Modern Warfare? You get Call of Doom.

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Dart891785d ago

Guess the game's good for something :D.

Madusha1785d ago

This video makes me wanna clear the dust of Doom and play it again! :D

Gunshot1785d ago

Wish i never threw away my classic doom games.

jony_dols1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

Doom is open source code anyway.

I think it could even be freeware at this stage.

(I know R* released GTA 1 & 2 awhile back as freeware, and they were released after Doom came out)

So get downloading!

Dan501785d ago

WHY would you throw them away?????

HarryMonogenis1785d ago

Wow, isn't this video nearly a year old? I remember seeing it on this website an extremely long time ago..

Dan501785d ago

So you can't even download this?

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The story is too old to be commented.