Sony PSN pass introduced–what will become?

SchollA from writes:
This announcement is the latest in a trend that was started by publisher juggernaut EA, in alot of their sports titles like Madden followed by other publishers like Activision for Call of Duty and THQ for Smackdown vs Raw series........Now with this trend being in full swing, what happens if gamers all around the world get on board an buy everything new?

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MasFlowKiller2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I want to support the Developers way way way more then i want to support gamestop, hell i dont want to support game stop at all. Is ether this or go all digital, Steam is amazing but i don't think the world is ready for steam, not just yet

what sony should do is have a small software install in each game that will allow that console to play with that game online, Also build a interface in the XMB that tell your the games that are register to you right now, and have like a feature that allows you to let a friend borrow the game, so as long as the person is in your friends list and they have your copy of that game then that person can play your game online

rdgneoz32717d ago

With that "Small instal", it might work like how game sharing currently does. You just need the account of the user that registered / bought / downloaded that software on your PS3, in order for any other account to play that game.

DarkFantasy2717d ago

what about getting trophies ?? or someone messing up you're KDR (not that i care but alot of people do)... this pass thing dosent sound that great whats the point in everyone in you're family having there own account then..this isn't good no matter how you defend this..even if you buy all you're games new why not help fellow gamers and go to Sony forums or send them twitter messages ect. supporting devs is great but at what cost! support them by buying new games but don't try and take away are right to buy and sell used games gamers have been doing it for years there are games i would of never played if i didn't buy them use like Assasins Creed i bought the first game used but because i liked it so much i bought AC2 and AC:BH NEW!! outher wise i wouldnt of played it used game can actually help in some ways if there going to do this then they should lower the prices $10 or $20.

jjohan352716d ago

If they expect us to buy brand new for every game then I expect free DLC from here on out. I started buying used games when I thought the whole paid dlc started getting out of hand with the segregated online community.

TBM2717d ago

I usually buy my games new so the pass thing doesn't bother me as much as it does others.

just_looken2717d ago


maniacmayhem2716d ago

Its not the developer that's implementing the psn pass it's Sony. Sony the multi billion dollar company is trying to discourage second hand sales by almost forcing people to buy new. If not then you pay to play (online).

I wonder why people support this. All of a sudden second hand sales are bad? This has been going on for years and years with cd's, appliances, even clothes. If you want to support and buy brand new, awesome thats your deal. But dont wish ill will on gamestop that does what every other company store has done in the past.

I love gamestop and gamefly. I do both.

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newleaf2717d ago

Is it tied to the system or the user that uses the code first? Somebody please send me a link to this answer.

DarkFantasy2717d ago

most likely tied to one account just like the outher passes which means now you're siblings are screwed if they want to go online.

slaton242717d ago

more likely the user if u purchase pass from psn but system if u get it from new game because u input from game....i have a huge ? if u download a new $60 game from psn example infamous 2 if it has online do u still have to buy an online pass or will they give u one...cause if u have to buy 1 that will cost u 70 for that game....i bet what started all this was the hackers with the pirating they were doing

Apocwhen2717d ago

He's talking about buying games digitally from the Store in future.

If you buy one from the store in the future that uses PSN pass then will you have to purchase the game and then the PSN Pass.

Because with a digital download there's going to be no piece of paper in a box with a code to redeem.

I would imagine if you purchased a game digitally that uses PSN pass then the code would be emailed to you along with the purchase receipt.

kamakaz3md2717d ago

i highly doubt ull basically be paying 70 dollars for ur games. Not all developers are infinity ward and activision. Yea this could be bad for gamestop... but hey, anything to take that company off city streets : ) so we got to buy the games new, and not used anymore. It had to happen sometime. Im mad, but not mad. But you would have to be stupid to believe they will start charging 70 for games, cause it will hurt sales and people wont be buying them lower budget games, it will hurt rental places as well. I mostly buy ps3 exclusives so there worth 70 if it truely came down to it, but it aint happening.

Sam Fisher2717d ago

yea did you forget about only single player games? unless they make you pay 10$ for updates too... this is getting out of hand, gaming is getting more expensive by the minute. if this keeps going, ill end up pirating as well too many other things i need to worry about with money

slaton242715d ago

dude its 59.99 to buy a game from psn(ps3 game) so if it has online thats an extra 9.99 for the online pass

kamakaz3md2714d ago

thats not how its gonna work... its 59.99, u get the game new, u get online... thats it

Neko_Mega2717d ago

Wait for the game to get cheap and then buy a pass.

Like if the game is $49.99 used, then $10 bucks more makes it the normal price you would pay.

Anyways it isn't a big deal in less you what to be a cry baby about it. If you know the game is going to be good, then most likely you are going to buy it new.

Plus I like how someone said to me that "What if I see my friend playing it and I wanted to play it?" "I can't play it on my system". Well then you could go to a store that lets you rent games that keep the cases out.

Or you can play it on your friends system, that or quit being a baby a buy the online pass (Really isn't a big deal). Plus developers took their time to make that game for you, it isn't going to kill you to show some support.

Sam Fisher2717d ago

i understand how you feel, 10$ isnt a big deal. but how bout this, 10$ for every used game you buy, its your pockets alot. at a time like this where ppl are losing their jobs, 10$ is alot to ask for

Neko_Mega2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

For a person name Sam Fisher that shouldn't be a problem for you lol.

Ten bucks isn't that bad for me, but I can get them free because of are dumb store that I rent games from (The keep everything in the case and that even counts the online pass).

So I can get a free one if I don't buy the game, it isn't a big deal and how many people plan on getting those games.

P.S. I give you a bubble, mostly because I like your name.

Pedobear Rocks2717d ago

Seriously? If you are THAT hard up for cash because 'people are losing their jobs' perhaps playing and buying video games shouldn't be your priority?

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