New Battlefield 3 scans

Check out some new scans of Battlefield 3 from EDGE.

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BeastlyRig2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

same crapolla..

Trunkz Jr2267d ago

Would you be happier if they added a Dinosaur to the scans?

2267d ago
Mr_Lu_Kim2267d ago






GTFO spammer!

deadpoole2267d ago

Any idea when beta will be droppin for PS3 ... I wanna pre-order this game but just waitin for demo to come out.

stu8882266d ago

If BF3 takes the piss out of CoD and adds like a zombie mode, with dinosaurs it will automatically become one of the coolest games ever!!!

Get to wave 15 or something and a T-rex turns up!

deadpoole2266d ago

BRING THE EFFING DINOSAURS Mode in BF3 .... and this game will sell millionsss $$$$.

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Gray-Fox-Type02267d ago

how many times we seen this...this aint 'New'..

MaxXAttaxX2267d ago

It's been a while since I relied on gaming magazines for gaming NEWS!

DoomeDx2267d ago

Guys come on. Its not about the PICTURES. its about the TEXT in the magazine.

badvlad2267d ago

who the hell wants to read?? I want sum new pictures game is like 4 months away

Blaze9292267d ago

BF3 is really the only game so far that has made me want new consoles. Dem Graphikz aren't even FAIR.

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t0mmyb0y2267d ago

Can't wait to knock some buildings down.

turgore2267d ago

You know, you won't sell any copies (or get any diggs) if the screens in your magazine were all over the internet a month ago.

Chnswdchldrn2267d ago

that tank driver looks like a mouse

with his teeth

its humorous to me

but I must also say he looks very life like

Technical World2267d ago

Can developers stop pushing out shooters? Why do they feel the need to send these out every couple months. They won;t stop. And if I hear another kid talking about how cool he is playing Black Ops im gonna slice my ears off. Invest in a platformer or a Role Playing game. Even a third person shooter!!!! But if I see a first person shooter ill snap!

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The story is too old to be commented.