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Game Scoop! Podcast: PlayStation 4 Real?

IGN: What does Greg think about all these PS4 rumors? Daemon gets excited and then not excited for Burnout Crash. Kristine shares thoughts on both Dragon Age II: Legacy and Fable: The Journey.

Gearbox thinks of the Wii U as a "stop-gap" console.

Plus, we answer a bunch of listener mail about comics on iPhone, Star Wars, and falling asleep at the game. (Burnout Crash, Culture, Dragon Age 2: Legacy, Fable: The Journey, Xbox 360)

BeastlyRig  +   1515d ago
MrSpace  +   1515d ago
Oh it's real just don't expect the rumor about it coming out next year....

The PS3 was announced at E3 2005 it didn't come out untill November 2006.

Why would they release a new console without even showing it first. I've never seen a console get announced for the firstg time then released the following year.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1515d ago
And also PS VIta is coming next year. So, PS4 is very unlikely.
DeadlyFire  +   1514d ago
3DS is coming this year and we have Wii U next year.

I am thinking Vita 2012 release. PS4 E3 debut 2012. PS4 release 2013.

If you think about it all of their prime PS3 launch franchises are releasing in 2011. I know 4 are and its possible this was done on purpose to prepare their next titles for a next-generation launch phase. I am hoping for PS4 to sport some slick technology from Intel and Imagination Tech and some backwards compatibility. :P
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jaredhart  +   1515d ago
It's possible the Wii U could be a stop gap. Then again no one expected much out of the Wii.
zero_gamer  +   1515d ago
Nintendo could do well with the Wii U if/when it is priced at a more reasonable level. Either way I wish them luck. I wish all consoles luck actually.
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zero_gamer  +   1515d ago
PS4, are you 4 real? 4 REAL!?!?
slampunk  +   1515d ago
After Sony's E3 i don't think the ps4 will be out until at least 2013.

Sony have only recently made profit from the ps3 although i'm not sure if they've made back the huge initial losses....i doubt it...

I'm looking forward to next gen, but hope sony think things through and don't make a console which has / is been hard to develop for......like the ps3....
felonycarclub  +   1515d ago
i would love to have the ps4 already, but what is the point without having games for it, just think about it, look how many companys are struggling with making games for ps3 and 360, they rather make smaller budget games, its just too expensive to make big budget games, and they dont want to risk loosing alot of money, that why most of the games now are so small compared to the games back then, they need to keep the ps3 and 360 in the 10 year lifecycle, the one thing i hate about this gen is theres not that many games like back then, especially quality games,

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